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Said i'm going to personally call jerry jones and terence crawford so we can stage this at the dallas cowboys humanly. Before saturday. it's it would be hitch but the thing is this hugh he's gotta deal with bob and like you take you take an aside. Approach you call and jerry you call and terence. that's julia check motor. but how you gonna call again. This just headline talk. Which is sexy. I love it. I love it. He's building the fight but he's also breaking the fight. This is a co promotion. You can't start doing your balls around some. i'm calling jerry. I'm calling your fighter. Because that's how as a promoter. I'm interpreting you're calling my fighter. You said you're calling my fight without talking to me that's different. You know you may know each other so long making plans with my fight and all of a sudden the waterfront with terrorists crawford go to san antonio or or what's happening. Where is jerry jones dallas. Okay and got a fucking my parents crawford going earl spencer do i am i born in texas. Why am i going to dallas. Because it has the most seats out of any venue that they could fill for the it can make a dallas is like a couple hours away from from from the bresca quest. Actually one question if we put this fight in dallas who are we catering to test reports on. Let me find go ahead. i'll just want the was listening to our debate to where i'm coming from. If we put this fight in texas do me. Who are we. Catering to where we can't into terry's crop of this or we catering to the potential san antonio native virgil ortiz junior fans like on the money. But if you were to put in that perspective of wh who this fight caters to in a sense yes catering to to his his hit. His demo exactly says demographic. So if i'm crawling if i'm crawford and i'm bob. I'm saying this is a big fight. We're going to vegas. We got a mexican versus a african americans slick declaration fighter. We're going to bake vegas. This is the green print. it's horrible. there's a reason why the locks in the dip set didn't go do that thing in vegas or kelly or florida or texas okay. There's a reason. I said you no vote from my your most money though. Yeah but by mario. That's a bad example. We're both from new york so that's even playing field just like vegas is even playing for. We're both from new york so you a outselling me. I also a new hall coming out for me. The youngest coming out for you. Now you talk about terrence how far nebraska from dallas. I'm look it up right now. Dope people still come out on the side. I'm the one with all the bells. I'm the one with all the with all the accolades. And you're telling me. I gotta go to fucking dallas and don't get me wrong. It's a big fight. And i asked floyd to go to dallas. I would love to go to dallas and see this right because it would be in a stadium. I've been dallas stadium. I know how beautiful it is. It's air conditioned you feel fantastic. It's a movie but then aside from a negotiation standpoint. I think ask us talking too much. If you really wanna make this fight happen. You tell bob this in private and say this is the offer. I got from jerry jones. We could get the stadium. You know let this is my proposal. What's yours what makes better sense. Don't ruffled feathers in the media. Talking like you've got this you know man for focus on your fight because you are how you. I'm gonna call you a fighter that just don't i interpreted would i heard i didn't i didn't hear i'm going to contact terms crawford's people's and we're going to make this happen i'm gonna call terrence by man. What the fuck is thinking. It's an eleven hour. It's an eleven hour drive or you can run there for two hundred fifty two hundred thirty five hours up but like ears a point to me. I think these dudes are like monumental promoters so it's like get it they gotta egos. You're right pre existing got okay do business that you you know someone is mad at. You know how you do business. Now you're right you're right and we've seen almost a similar thing. Play out with eddie in bob and that didn't go very well at all so you know or that ended rough so yeah i get s presser. Presser gold right there for him. Work real quick for sure. Fire d- shutout to you. He is on the super. Chaz says doron. Ns is the next dominant one. In my opinion this is all this is a super shadow while you guys were talking about flay mayweather. he said. Wait a minute. We'll see because You know again. Mayweather doesn't get oversee zealous. And that's what happened in his with van heerden and and in his fight with the. Yates leaping it. I'm not saying he got touched. But i don't know i got i. He bitty beat the brakes off. And i don't remember that fight clear enough to i. Just remember him doing a lotta beautiful body work with using his own lateral movement. He would get angles to dig into the body. He lip units with with all the cheese like he was karate. Yeah yeah yeah. like bro. Breaking bad mo fo man. James benitez says if but once enhance his appeal. He needs to fight in that lanna. Well i mean. There's a huge that that could that could happen in atlanta. Now that that. There's a lot of rumors that state farm is gonna be hosting chicago stevenson. Jamal having you know. And i hope that atlanta comes out for them. So do i because you know tank is closer to atlanta. Right is the dmv somehow closer. Am i just faking it here. I know i gotta go south ninety five again to atlanta. I was in jersey right. I wouldn't think so we're gonna pass closer maybe not washington to atlanta. I think washington on nine hours driving and then but remember that the dmv is three states just like we are. The three states with the tristate. Dmv is baltimore maryland. And what's the other one baltimore maryland. Virginia so va is close to atlanta so for the just saying geographically which is bad. You know i've grown with the show that i'm just. How did i was able to break that down. Because you know i like. Is that one that being said for tank is safer. Chicago's from northern jersey. I mean that's like a six hour ride or or more. Were how many from jersey ten twelve thirteen hours. Dan lancet nebraska to atlanta. Was seventeen hours and the vieria to atlanta's ten hours so it's about the same nebraska to atlanta ten thirteen. It's ten hours of each atlanta in nebraska. And how much is it for you from new jersey like ten as well or no new jersey. We're looking at about thirteen hours. Okay well hopefully. It works because hairiness from where heron is like uh ohio. He's from ohio right. I think he's from what part of toledo about jim. Where's you i'm you say. Yeah yeah. he's from cincinnati. What not yeah so. That's what i'm saying. So i mean i don't know i guess i guess. Hopefully it works man. because yo- atlanta's that spa let me tell you were works because if they could get that one to work then they can go back to wetland with bubba but again now if you tell lasko yo we go on to atlanta he gonna look at you like what why i wait even though let me tell you this mad mexicans in atlanta. I feel like. I've seen a lot of mexican restaurants like everything there is there is they do have a lot of mexican restaurant community to So i don't know man. I don't know but again when you think of atlanta you definitely don't think mexican call it black land black hollywood. They don't call that mexican. Hollywood you know we consider texas mexican ville like we consider atlanta blake..

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