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What their thought is on devan house they may want to go in a different direction there but you know that's where they're at with this quarterback situation it's going to be difficult with the kind of camp space they have to make a huge upgraded through free agency i think they're going to have to probably invest another early draft pick not necessarily a first rounder but an early graphic maybe in the second third round in a cornerback way you can help out your secondary is by having guys on the field it can get to the quarterback in another packers entertain muhammad wilkerson part of his plan was to meet with some other teams get a little nervous when a guy comes to visit backers and then leaves without a contract but let the process play out here and i feel like this is attainable here for the packers wayne given their salary situation i liked the dot connecting between mike patton and mohammed wilkerson he knows them well they know each other well this seems to make sense to me for a variety of reasons does it fits into the packers salary moving forward it seems to but i don't know how much room you have move beyond it well wilkerson is a guy who's around seventeen million and obviously you now that he's a free agent i don't think anyone's going to get that kind of money if anyone gets them close to that kind of money he's gonna go there i don't think the packers are going to get them anything close to that kind of money that's the reason he from what i understand he left green bay without a contract he's gonna kinda seems to see the market i think he'd like to play in green bank you'd like to play again for mike patton and but again the packers position on their defense applied or they don't have to grossly overpay for someone else's free agent and it'll be interesting to see i'm a little more concerned on the outside of that defense you know in terms of the outside linebacker and getting a pass rush from there we do have some breaking news here wayne rob damanski tweeting out that the packers have signed mohammed wilkerson so this year from ashton packers agreed to terms with muhammad wilkerson according.

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