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I'm back welcome. It is Eric Erickson here it is my show. Thank you, Allen Sanders. For sitting behind the microphone the last couple of days while I took some time off with the family. Well, technically, we were going to take time off and then they all got sick. So my my wife God bless her told me I could sneak out of town for a couple of days to avoid getting sick so that I could be with you for every day between now and the election a programming note real quick starting tonight. If you follow me on facebook or instagram at e W Erickson. We're going to start doing a series of video chats each week to this week next week, and then on the third week, it'll be the day after the election but I'll give you more insider stuff I've got a ton of insider stuff to share with you today. From a tour of swing states that I have conducted in person alive inspection I WanNa talk to you about that today as well. But first, we gotta get started with the amy. Coney Barrett hearings. These, hearings are designed for really for both sides. I think to play to their base to a degree but it what's remarkable is that a morning console poll which the media t take seriously so I think we should take seriously a morning console consult polls shows eight thirteen point shift in democratic opinion in favor of amy. Coney Barrett a thirteen point shift. In the Democrats who believe that she should be confirmed Democrats are now at roughly forty nine percent believe any amy conybeare disqualified to be on the United States Supreme Court end should be confirmed, which is actually a really big deal given the democratic talking points against her that have gotten genuinely absurd. And when I say absurd I mean she was actually asked by Maisy Hirono the dimwitted senator from from. where she from? Hawaii, if amy conybeare had ever raped anyone you you would like to think that she did not ask that. But in fact, Senator Hirono from Hawaii asked Amy Coney Barrett. To ensure the fitness of nominees for a Lifetime appointment to the federal bench are to any of the other positions of for any of the committees on which they appear I asked each nominee, these two questions, and I will ask them view since you became a legal adult. Have you ever made unwanted.

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