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Of sites of slavery is what they say Yes. Mm hmm. Only ever heard never heard of religious slavery. I know traffic right? All there is and traffic right now and then Derek Kenny's going to join us. Let's talk about that game. Stop, Serge. And what has today. Oh, my goodness. Look at that Wanted money, stupid made on game Stop flashing. If I could talk about that thought I talked to people every weekend. You got some deals, All right. We're gonna get into it after we check traffic Armani coat. That's a new problem Sport sponsored by Whole Foods Market on the 75 South Bennett Arapaho, Right lane, Taking away that solid back to the Bush Turnpike. I 35 north bound of Walnut Hill stalled vehicles taken away the left lane. You've been reporting I 30 spend its center street in Arlington, but you still have that one and trophy club won 14 Hispanic Kirkwood. That's still back. And you have 21 70. It looks like we may have problems on both sides of North Blue Bay, 20 east and westbound right around. I 35 w and both sides are heavy. Wghp first traffic on the ones I'm Monte Cook. As we navigate these challenging times. Together, we share a common goal of keeping Texan safe members of the North Texas Automobile dealers are operating under CDC guidelines for sanitation and cleanliness to provide a safe experience for you Visit in TX dot com. Brad Martin in the W. The weather Center. Beautiful Day, Sonny and 58 behind this afternoon 34 for the low Tonight, 60 Tomorrow. South winds kick in on Wednesday, mid week with a high of 70. And then we'll be up to about 72 with.

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