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To be like you know what the i got the ghostbusters line but i gotta get get that one of one zack ryder gonna get it. You're never gonna get out no i don't. I don't like to sell my. There's there's things that i sell the michael jordan of bressler collecting. I've heard <hes> <hes> but something like that. I wouldn't sell like i would sell the hawkins one if i thought it but not this act on a big family i know i know i collect all his merchandise tonight's now. Did you go through a period of time in your life where your family or your friends where you're too old to still be collecting of course i when i was in high school or in college allerg- like i was embarrassed to collect i would go to toys r. us and always that give receipt you know what i'm saying. Oh yeah yeah when they going to. Do you want to give her seat and you're like yes. Of course i mean these kids eh me but now i don't give a damn. I the podcast that you know. I'm making a second living off toys. It is nice when you get to a place where you don't care because i remember when when i was in college that's when the classic superstars came out and when the two packs came out i was in syracuse and i was like i gotta go to the toys r. us in syracuse and they had that first wave okay which was rockers l._s._d. And the hart foundation and they had all three and i was like oh my god and not only was i like grab mall right away. I had to go by myself. Obviously i can tell the other people but i was so excited about it that you wanna talk about it like you want to tell somebody i just found the two packs and there was just nobody that i could tell without seeming seeming like a total outcast and that's how i initially bonded with hawkins is because we hated each other when we first met a wrestling school because reach of this competition but then when we realize oh my god you're eighteen eighteen and you still play was wrestling for years to finally somebody by the way you didn't just say you still collect wrestling. Please just fed for sure okay i. I no longer fig fed at eighteen i did i did yeah. I think yeah for sure i told myself i was just practicing spots for wrestling school in my head. I think it kind of ended when bone crunchers ended got all the titan and i kind of messed around with them but in terms terms of like i had a fig fed where i had like i would write down the match cards like the notebooks like every card thing i would do four ross and then a pay per view four ross and then it pay overview but i think so whatever year titan try and kicked off. That's when i started to kind of i think it was because the figures sucks so much that i was like i can were so bad except the ventures good vince was good. I that's the vince i have undeclared tie into glacier right now. That's a good that's the best tried vince the original great all jacked act up and stops yeah. It's perfect but the rest are terrible. Billy god is so bad. Who do you talk about wrestling with your sam. Nobody nobody nobody now have your interview of the day. Probably the lowest like views on whatever channels is going on the most interesting although i the truth was just talking about god knows what okay all right <hes> did you have. You been surprised at the people that you've talked in the locker room because you've had guests on the show that all have figure stories as well. Are you surprised at how outward they are with that stuff about how you've got. You and hawkins have kind of opened up that world to the rest of the locker room being like oh yeah we did this to. I think it's a different era when hogs and i got on the main roster in two thousand thousand seven..

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