Enquirer, Congressman John Dingell, President Trump discussed on Jay Talking


Where will you turn breaking news? Just ended up. The weather is storm on her major problem on the need to get there on time alternative for people who live here where will you turn. This is important is imperative when you just want to watch never stops WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty. WBZ bus. Ks FM HD two men for an iheartradio station now more than ever it matters. Where you get your news WBZ NewsRadio. I'm mad fiber, Republicans and Democrats alike are mourning the passing of the man who served congress longer than anyone else. Former congressman John Dingell who only just retired a few years ago has died. CBS's Elaine Quixote, he was in the house of representatives for fifty nine years until he retired in two thousand fifteen the Michigan democrat is credited with writing most of the country's major environmental and energy laws. He also advocated for the auto industry and increased access to healthcare dingo was awarded the presidential medal of freedom the nation's highest civilian honor by President Obama in two thousand fourteen he leaves behind a wife congresswoman, Debbie Dingle and four children. He was ninety two years old the richest men in the world is going after the publisher of the National Enquirer Amazon CEO in Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos says the Enquirer is three. Threatening to publish revealing photos of them unless his private investigators back off the tabloid. Laurie. Levenson is a law professor at Loyola Law School in LA. Former federal prosecutor. Story raises some really interesting questions about on what basis the Enquirer decides to publish their information or not published their formation Basil's does not say the tabloid was seeking money. Instead, he says the Enquirer wanted him to make a public statement that the tabloids coverage was not politically motivated there's Precourt delta pro-lifers as setback tonight. In a case many see as an eventual litmus test for the new court stance on abortion battles WWL radio's Dave Cohen from New Orleans five for vote in the US supreme court means that Louisiana cannot enforce the law that requires abortion. Doctors have admitting rights at nearby hospitals as abortion rights importers appeal, a lower court ruling that they say would have left just one doctor legally allowed to perform abortions in the state. Chief Justice John Roberts voted with the liberal justices on the high court to hand antiabortion groups this defeat when Democrats took that. The house back in the midterm elections. They made it clear they intended to ramp up investigations of the president and his administration on Thursday. They kicked into high gear they're now in pursuit of Mr. Trump's tax returns. House speaker Nancy Pelosi overwhelmingly public wants to see the president's tax returns. They want to know the truth. I want to know the the president complained on Twitter. The Democrats are quote going nuts. Hacienda healthcare, the long term care facility in Arizona, where an incapacitated woman was raped and later gave birth is shutting down this is CBS news. WBZ news time one zero three the Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes. Still a big mess on ninety three starting south of town.

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