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Okay you only get one chance to get the bag. Go ahead and take it while you can more just like this An our in eight and a half minutes away guys. Thank you very much thinking out loud seven. Pm available at any bar that you want to go into. Let's continue with more phone calls. Here and steve is in arkansas. Steve good afternoon. How are you. I'm doing tom. Paul you very well thank you. Listen i heard. You mentioned something earlier in your program about the texas recruits maybe in the next couple of three or four years Texas will recruit the plan. Nancy see At arkansas welcome down to the sec. As well as they did the other night. What is the difference between the four star players. Texas's recruited now the four star players. That the sec has which arkansas doesn't know that many but they have some good ones. But what is the difference between now and then coming. Texas does recruit probably higher than half sec does at the moment. Yeah no. you're right. I mean i mean player to player Texas would match up with most sec schools. But they just have to do more of that. And i think they're capable of it They've lost some players to really good schools like alabama house state in recent years. That they simply can't do if they're going to be dominant. I think it's going to. It's going to be a process to use a cliche. i hate and i don't think after two games you can completely value. It wouldn't have been surprised if texas had lost a louisiana in the opener challenging first two games. I first couple of games. But i was surprised by arkansas because i just think that was a i mean. They were walking into a situation. That arkansas had been priming for for at least a couple of years or at least since sam pippen got there but i think it's an impossible question to fully answer but i i feel like texas. We'll be ready though so so actually you don't think there's a whole lot of difference between the four stars that each team has got is just a matter of your. There's this league this league. I mean we if you're playing alabama. It's going to be difficult. But i mean jacksonville state. I doubt they had any two stars and they went into florida state which has plenty of four and five stars. Hey thanks for the call. Appreciate it very. We've talked a lot about the razorbacks big win. We had bobby bones on earlier. We've had greg mcelroy shane. Beamer will head to kentucky next and find out about that. Big win over missouri chris rodriquez. Junior you probably saw him do quite well.

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