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Mass the feds are warning of fraud tied to coronavirus Joe NATO reports the FBI says criminals are actively manipulating the coping nineteen pandemic to their advantage the bureau put out a news release saying bad actors are selling fake cobit nineteen test kits and unapproved treatments they're also warning of scammers promising free care to patients in order to get a personal information like social security numbers and there are crooks out there who claim to be medical professionals and are demanding payment for treating a friend or relative for covert nineteen state Attorney General Mike hunter says his office has received nearly four hundred complaints of price gouging in Oklahoma following a statewide emergency declaration issued last month he tells news for a lot of the complaints are about cleaning supplies paper towels toilet paper seeing a lot of folks expressing concern about pricing that they're saying again with those products and so that's a lot of what we looked at he says each complaint is investigated and in most cases they found that retailers are having to pay more for the products the price increases out of their control he calls it a market force phenomenon under the price gouging statute a retailer can not mark up products more than ten percent during the length of the emergency declaration a federal appeals court upholds a lower court order overturning governor Kevin states ban abortions during the corona virus outbreak emergency here's Megan bishop a three judge panel of the tenth US circuit court of appeals has ruled unanimously to let stand a temporary restraining order issued April sixth by Oklahoma City federal judge Charles Goodwin in an eight page opinion the panel said that since the order expires April twentieth it calls no irreparable harm the governor in polluted the van in a March twenty seventh executive order banning elective surgeries amid the corona.

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