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In the history of a lot of Those venues that. There's. Been a, lot of these tax deferments as well but look what it's, done to Warren county. Mean literally you drive down. The street there's hundred dollar bills growing out, of the cracks, in the sidewalk there I'm gonna throw shout out right now from our Martin, Russell, who runs the? Economic development. Department there, I said on a few. Boards with him and. And I'll tell you Warren. County all started with a. Real small project it came right from. Along the edges of the Ohio river called Coney Island yeah yeah exactly right Part, of me, that says also that you, know f c is. Is making a large proposal here. You, know maybe this'll be. The start of of greater things I. Would just tell you that, I would look at each, one of those, with the, same scrutiny that I looked at, this one I'll give my honest opinion and. Then we'll move forward and I'll do whatever I have to. Do to make this a great deal along with my other fellow Commissioner share, enough I, wish, that kind of common sense and a lot of other places too Commissioner. David painter I'm sure we'll talk again don't. Be a, stranger appreciate taking time out. To talk oh thanks for calling me see you later there you go. Buddy and so now you know if you're in Clermont county I think it's you know and I. Think the tax base I think things are a little bit different the model of Hamilton versus certainly versus what's what's going. On Clermont county obviously have an urban area of a little bit more rural. Areas, suburban, areas. Cincinnati I think, he can absorb these things maybe a little bit better but at, the same, time Yeah I appreciate him him being thoughtful on this whole. Thing too I really do In conclusion because, I again I'll look in Warren county I wasn't around when kings island was developed but that seemed to be. The start of something, huge is. Know Coney now to something huge in Warren county look at the growth Warren county it seems like it all. Started, with that and being a tourist attraction with k. I and. Then everything else Everything else came along so we'll get a, timeout in here we got news on the way in about nine minutes of course in the urban Meyer Sahgal. Be talking about that, all morning..

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