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Like, wouldn't you at least like appease them and still have talks, but just say, hey, here's where we are with. It's just weird. Well, again, you talked about through the media. I find it hard to believe they haven't talked since February because first of all that would mean that Khalil max agent has not talked to them, and that would be kind of negligent on his part. Even if he gets hung up on or they don't return, it's called, I doubt that you know, I just doubt that or he could fly out to Oakland. I mean, it just seems to me that. I don't believe it now have they had offers, maybe not that that are realistic, but I just think it's hard to believe they haven't talked. Couple of other situations and want to get your thoughts on Andrew for sure. We haven't talked about this Stephen Jones, you know was asked about the Cowboys anthem policy and whether or not it's going to be a ruled that the players stand for the national anthem rather than stay in the locker room. And he said, if they wanna be a cowboy, yes. And my immediate reaction was, well, what are they gonna do if Tyron Smith, he's under contract below market for six more years or deck Prescott or Zeke Elliot, you know, protests during the anthem or stays in the locker room or whatever. I mean that it seems like it's a, it's a check that they can't really cash, and I almost wonder if you're an agent, you know if if you test that, hey, they said publicly. If you wanna be a cowboy, you gotta do these things. Maybe you should do them and try. To get released, which I doubt would happen. I'm just making a point. Yeah, happen again last year the same thing when there when Jerry Jones set in the middle of the season, then I think on this show and I speculated what if that crust cut sides he's going to Neo? Are they going to bench him? I mean, yeah, all these things come up where the Cowboys we talked years about Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell Jerry Jones suing Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones wanting power back with the owners Commissioner. And that's really what's going on here. It seems like because you know he might translation is you gotta deal with whatever policy you're going to deal with with the union. I'm giving the Cowboys are politics, and you know what? We haven't seen any sign of dissonance Trump players on that from the Cowboys. Every single one of them is equally on down. Yep. We're gonna total on here so we can call it whatever it is, but. Policy schmaltzy with the Cowboys. It's like they're doing their own thing. And if Roger Goodell wants to impose on Jerry Jones, I'm sure he'll get quite a hand quite controls. Words. If he tries to do that. Finally, Andrew, it's college football, but I still want to get your reaction, your thoughts on the urban Meyer situation because it's just it's really just disappointing, I guess. And what what you think of what's happened so far and what you expect that, but I'm sure you're following. Yeah. I mean, the lack of disclosure, the knowledge of something going on. I think we talk about this all the time. With Rick Pacino a now with urban Meyer with Larry Brown, the best book coach, Jim behind. I just think you know it is..

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