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Do we begin I mean I don't I don't even us so yeah I was on the yesterday for a little while and I got to be really honest when I say that I they're very few times in my life where I feel like I don't know what to say that's certainly I'm so we never had a shortage for words but the truth of the matter is as a pertains to everything that happened over the weekend and ends there's so much and I I gotta say that I don't have the answers and I can't possibly fully relates to the pain I can't at all relate to the pain that many of you listening are experiencing now as a pertains to the riding and most importantly the protest in a peaceful protest in but of course some of the violence in writing that is this come as a as a by product of that I can't I can't even begin to imagine to to feel what what many of your feeling but I I want to understand and I want to listen and I want to I want you to know that I'm a little afraid of saying the wrong thing even though I have been nine intense and my intention is to to to do the right thing to be here to talk to people I just I don't know everything I don't want to learn and I feel like I have to say that because you know here we are on the show in this platform and we have an opportunity to hear people and listen today and I think that's that's what we need to do yeah as opposed to maybe talking I think it's time to look for many of us to listen and to learn absolutely and and I don't think you should be worried about saying the wrong thing I mean sometimes that's how we learn things you know having these conversations with people who know better or people who are experiencing things that we've never experienced or never had to experience so yeah that keeping that conversation open you know especially you know people outside the black community that they need to hear certain things and learn certain things now is the time to get that off your chest and educate you know the people around you your family or friends and you know we love our listeners and so this dialogue should be both ways we want to hear what you're feeling you know what you're experiencing and what we need to do as a people to make sure that these things don't keep happening yeah I don't think it's that I'm I'm not well said by the way I said that I I think I want to say the wrong thing it you can that will be heard full or something like that but I just I have to ninety eight the fact that I just I can't relate to this I I'm no white man can yeah and and and I was I I don't I don't know I needed to take away for myself and saying it but I'm I'm I'm of the old white guy of privilege I understand that and so so when people say well I know what you mean I understand what you mean I know what you must be feeling all these people out there protesting I know they must be feeling I I can't possibly be really but what I can offer is a tremendous amount of empathy and a desire to help and a desire to use our platform in the right way and and so you know I want six phone calls a little bit I want to hear from people here people are feeling what this makes you feel like to watch this stuff what it makes you feel like like many of us to live among it you know my building the the front of my building is boarded up did I ever think that the building night that I lived in the city of Chicago would need to be boarded up for safety reasons no I didn't you know that I think that that we would be doing curfews and and and having to close the loop in public transportation is closed and and somebody says no I didn't I didn't it's scary it is very very scary it's very scary it's very sad we live in the most beautiful city I think in this entire country and to see it the way it is right now it just is heartbreaking yeah and you know I understand everyone's anger people should be angry but the damage is devastating yeah I mean I don't even know what to say about that yeah yeah so yeah I would I'd love to hear from you know our listeners I feel like they're our friends we all chat every single day so no one is feeling the other point I was making yesterday was was that I feel like a lot of this looting in the damage in the burning of cop cars and and the violence and all of that is it is without question I don't feel it is without question taking away from a much greater more significant message here which is justice for George Floyd and his family and I just want to say that if you are one of these people who are admitting on the news that you have nothing to do with this that you are that you are not in fact there in any form of support for the for this very important social movement that's going on right now this this is this the but in this moment of humanity yes if you're just causing problems to cause problems then you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself and I know you're not listening to me now could you probably you don't care but I just it's unbelievable to me that there are people out there who would who would read who would make this somehow about anything other than what it is and take away from this statement that's happening right now and give anyone the ammunition to say well look look at that look at look at the fact that our city is burning down that that's not in my believe what the vast majority of the people who are protesting are about you know you rest your voice use your body used to be peacefully protest fill the entire city I don't care but as far as burning things and breaking things and stealing things that's got to stop I also don't believe that that isn't you know you know other groups that come in from out of state I mean you can't even bias can of spray paint in the loop you know I'm saying and these are the people that are doing a lot of the damage that I'm seeing on TV are you know white dudes from out of town is what I'm saying I don't know I just it's crazy to me what's going on and there needs to be some ugly conversations some real conversations and some real solutions going forward let's take some calls eight five five five nine one one or three but I want to hear from everybody I want to hear from everyone listening now and you want this to be a positive discourse of course you're welcome to call and say what you want we may or may not agree with you but you know this that's what this is it this is is it we're here for everybody and and hopefully though most of what we're hearing and what we want to hear is from are you know we have a a white leaves the vast multicultural audience and they're going to be people who can't believe what's happening can't relate to it but it they're scared and they want to talk about that and then of course there are people of color who listen to us who are directly in the midst of this maybe you're one of the protesters maybe you've maybe you've been part of all of this and you want to talk about your experience and everything in between eight five five five nine one one or three five will do that also later on this morning about a half an hour from now a good friend of our show he's on our sister station a morning show on WGCI he is A. as an entertainer a comedian he is a a pillar of the black community in Chicago and just an overall great do Leon Rogers is gonna join us because I want to hear what he has to say about all of this first time you know what better person to ask then than a guy who's just right across the way he's on WGN morning I know they're dedicated to talking about this and get being involved in the community as well so we're gonna bring him over in a little bit one oh three five Fred magic good morning.

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