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President trump has tweeted in support of some of the protests over the coronavirus restrictions CBS news update I'm Alison Keyes news radio eight forty WHAS do I invest here should I put my money there Jill Slazenger can help you back to Geelong money your baggage Jill on money is the program that is trying to help you get through this horrible financial pandemic as well as the health pandemic but I can only do the financial part today we are bringing back an interview that we had conducted a couple years back with Chris gill about he wrote the book called side hustle and I thought that this is so important given the current economic conditions under which we are all operating in the Wall Street journal this week had a really hard hitting the dose of reality and that is that you we've had a wave of job losses already right we had those with sort of frontline service workers they say that there's a second wave of job loss hitting some people who thought they were safe and so corporate lawyers government workers that are furloughed state and city budget squeeze some even health care areas so in this environment now more than ever it is so important to develop a side hustle and so that's why we are bringing back Chris gill about this is the conclusion of an interview that we actually conducted a couple years back here's more of the side hustle Swami Chris Gallo so now I've written a bunch of books which is this is the best one it is yeah I think so how come I will say it's not the easiest is the best but for me this was the easiest process like I knew exactly what I wanted to do it this back and it was just a matter of figuring out how to how to do it worse with some other books I've had to go through this discovery process this exploration of like how do I take this big message in the distillate setter this is very practical you know this is like step by step twenty seven days due this Sunday one two this Sunday to Saturday it's fabulous in that respect for sure here's one thing that I circled in red pen the profit equation mmhm you know why why it's so simple mmhm people really a numbers person sure some people say neck I can't do this I'm bad at math mmhm for the record about it whatever in Calgary delta riddled algebra going okay but really this is adding and subtracting yes exactly okay so so here it is I love your the first thing the secret to turning a profit for any business or venture whether to side hustle renting out cars or multinational corporation boils down to one basic principle don't spend more money than you take in also with your personal financial life hello right okay and a profound and I love it down here is your property question ready everyone expected income minus expected expenses equals projected profit C. well not need to go to Harvard Business School Wharton said you some money there sixty thousand dollars the book is only twenty five Bucks to get investment as far as I'm concerned there's just like really easy things about projections you don't have to be a spreadsheet king or queen for and that's what I love about this I just I so enjoyed the the concept that like why we over complicating that the problems that I personally saying that I mean that's that's the goal to simplify you know I'm not using the word easy just wanna be clear like I think you have to work for something this important year not saying everything is easy in life for this process but it's it's simple I've tried to reduce the complexities or try to say okay just if you just do this then you can get your basic level of success which is what I hope people do before we go to more thanks you say you're not a good employee why do you think that I can play organ manager I think you know if I go back to those years in West Africa the public some hyperbole to this like not a good employee and I realized that I was actually working with an organization that is working for free but it was for an organization I can't just do all that stuff myself I'm not a medical person I love that job you know I love everything about it so I think for me I have to just really believe in innovation if I believe in the vision of the right company or the organization I could probably succeed in that environment but at this point in my life I've just I've just done my own stuff for so long I can't imagine like what's gonna happen if I ever stop you know writing books and connecting with my audience which I love to do but let's say some big company said you and your yellow sneakers you're coming with us we're gonna pay a pile of money and you're going to basically do side hustle school inside of our organization and is that something that sounds horrible to you or appealing to you or somewhere in between I would do it as a visitor I would go in and speak to their employees I would love to do that what I do as an employee no really no he wouldn't sell out what questions we don't know if it's about selling out I mean I'm I know Jackson to making money of course but I'm just saying that in a pile of money in front of you and said well you got to do this for two years you get to hang with us for two years he won all that money yeah I don't know I mean I guess it's like a hypothetical but my my response to my initial like a reaction is no obviously not there's really no interest in it it's what I love I really feel fortunate I feel like I have for someone who's unemployable and unemployed more or less you know I I feel like I have the greatest job in the world I honestly every day I'm so excited to do what I do we started the interview by asking your best financial decision which she said was spending money to travel and see everything okay one hundred ninety three countries in the world mmhm what's the worst financial decision you ever made a career decision yeah great question I think I actually told the story in in this book which I've never told before when I was I don't know eighteen nineteen twenty or something there were some you know ridiculous offer that I heard about which in retrospect I realize is like an option pyramid scam or something but at the time it seemed compelling and it was just like if you if you invest some if you send us two thousand dollars then I don't know you know you're gonna make those gobs of money that you mentioned and I did it and I didn't have a lot of Mike had like maybe three thousand dollars in my savings account I spent two thousand dollars Senate and basically nothing nothing ever happened like months went by just a start getting royalty checks you know interestingly enough at like my three or four they started sending checks but they were for like two to three dollars or one month it was like six I think was basically to kind of make you think something else is coming which it did it worked you know it's like the first two months of my comic I did I waste my money and like my trip get three dollars an hour okay it's gonna be okay because eventually all the money anyway obviously nothing ever happened with that I felt so bad I felt so bad over number in like finally had to just let that go and say that was a stupid thing it's not going to control the rest of my life I just have to I got to move on and not do that again thanks so much to Chris gill about for helping us out and really the the advice he gave while back stands true right now holds holds firm and we appreciate him spending time with us as always if you've got a financial question just send us an email ask Jill Jill on money dot com and always go to the website Jill on money dot com you can sign up for our free weekly newsletter.

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