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Deepak inspires us all to confront life's biggest questions. Well I. Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life? Deepak empowers us to elevate our consciousness to the highest level risk spiritual beings having a human experience asked not human beings having a spiritual experiences the other way. Please welcome Deepak Chopra. Radio City for. I think that what you said first of all, let's hear what your definition of spirituality is. Spirituality is a journey into self awareness. It's finding out who you really are your true self beyond your social mass beyond your ego and. When we are there we experience love compassion joy equanimity, but we also find. Spiritual Insights intuitions creativity. Unbounded imagination. Free. Choice. We find the solution to every problem because problems come from. Contracted state of awareness solutions come from expanded. So so so values creativity imagination all those things are of the spirit. Yeah. You've written a book called spiritual solutions, which by the way I think is one of the best things you've done since then seven spiritual ause really really great great book and I was saying to the audience earlier I believe that for every problem literally other than. Food, and shelter the basic needs. But for all of our problems that we think are problems that the only way they can really be resolved is through a spiritual solution. That's right. So you know if you have a problem, you're living in a contracted state of awareness at that moment, which means you're living in fear. So you're feeling separate. That's where the problem comes when you're connected with other people with the. Web of life, which is the beginning of spirituality. That's when solutions that you're and when you're at one, then there are no problems, no solutions there's just a creative evolutionary impulse, the universe and you are the vehicle for so to become a more spiritual person, I, think that what Tell Yard Sheridan said and also what you were saying that recognizing the spiritual being having a human experience when you just think about that. That is the beginning of spirituality not. Real. You D observers everyone who's listening to us. You're watching US right now just turn your attention to WHO's observing right the second. That presence that you feel right now. It's not your mind which might be saying. We should go to the bathroom before I came in. The. Mind is a conversation. Beyond okay. Can I do this exercise I was just in India with didn't we have the time of our lives? And this is also true. I went up in the news to this wonderful spa and I was trained by a Yogi for the first time. 'cause normally I don't like Yoga and people say, why don't you like about Yoga when I was doing a class of my friend gale and Gilson, I don't like the bending stretching part. What are the party? Anyway I was working with this wonderful Yogi in a yoga and he had me to lie down flack close my eyes. So I want to do this no matter where you on the world right now close your eyes. And He would list as I'm going to do for you. Different objects I want you to allow those objects to appear before your mind and then let them go as I call out the objects. Okay. A full moon. An Oak. Tree by the Bank of a river. A Red, triangle? Now, open your eyes. What did you learn from that experience? This is what I learned. Can I tell you what I learned this is when I really got it. That's why I want to do it. I learned that the observer of the Red Triangle. The Full Moon The tree by the river. Is the same observer who observes all the thoughts that come in and out of your head all day long. And You can let the Red Triangle and the full moon come in and out of your mind you have the same control over all the thought that are jamming you up all day long, and that's how I got. You are not the rich Orion goal. You are not the tree by the river. You are not all of those objects just you're not all of the thoughts that are coming to your head all day long just as you observe that that's when I finally got beautiful. Yeah, because you realize. You're not the prisoner of your thoughts and so you have the ability to control what you were thinking. You can stop yourself you can but here's the difference between the thoughts that you observe and everyone observe right now is that most of the time people are not consciously observing thoughts and most of the time they're not consciously thinking that thoughts you know just like you're not consciously breathing right now but if I tell you to consciously you can. So where do our thoughts normally come from? Thoughts normally come from past experiences are what we call Karma which creates memories, which then creates desire imagination, which then creates Karamallah were against. Journey. Through cosmic time I wanNA talk about that. But there are some questions in our audience when people about stopping those thoughts in your head. That's a great little exercises and that's when I finally got it. Oh, I'm the observer of thought you wanted to say what stand up. High. In understanding that, we can control these thoughts that come in and out of our head, how do we control them? How Many ways. So let me share with you one. Simple acronym, stop SSD, or be. Okay So stands for stock. T sense for take three deep breaths and you're doing that smile everywhere in your body. Imagine a beautiful smile everywhere in your body. Or stands for observe what's happening in your body just this sense Asians. and P. proceed now with kindness and compassion. Okay. So that's the formula. You can also by the way, you can also move from one thought to another by just saying next. Or. You can shift your attention to your breath because you have your attention on two different things. Okay. Well, if you don't like the thought. What's The opposite of this story? Yeah. But the whole point everybody is exactly the experiment because just.

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