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Candidate Donald Trump is coming out on top of the conservative political action conferences straw poll on Saturday. Trump won with 62% while potential Republican candidate and Florida governor Ron DeSantis took 20% to Stannis was not present at this weekend's event. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is teasing a possible presidential bid in 2024 and comments made Friday the environmental lawyer said he's thinking about it. Kennedy Joe, quote, I passed the biggest hurdle adding my wife greenlighted it. Kennedy is the son of the late senator Robert F. Kennedy, and the nephew of the late president John F. Kennedy. He joins a short list of Democrats eyeing a potential challenge to President Biden's reelection bid. John morant of the grizzlies is being sidelined for at least two games after brandishing a gun on social media. Chris has more. On Friday, the two time NBA all star went live on Instagram and what appeared to be a strip club. Morant was shirtless and flash forward appeared to be a handgun next to his face, the grizzlies announced they investigated the situation and decided morant will be away from the team for the next two games. In a newly released statement, Moran apologized for the incident and said he's taking time away to get help and learn better methods of dealing with stress. I'm Kris Krohn. And the Rachael Ray talk show is ending after 17 seasons in daytime syndication, ray said she decided it was time to move on to the next exciting chapter in her broadcasting career. I'm Jim Forbes. Jonas posito live local and progressive on T willow springs is powered by ComEd. See how come Ed is preparing for a clean energy future at command dot com slash clean energy. Wake up to the freshest progressive conversation with santina Jackson. You have to do some thinking, and I think that's the inflection point that we are in right now, just really figuring out exactly who we are. Santa Jackson. Live and local from 6 to 8 a.m. on Chicago's progressive talk. WCT a 20. Jonas besito live local and progressive. I don't think you understand the impeachment process. You see, somebody commits a crime and then you impeach them for it. You don't decide to impeach them and then try to figure out what you are going to impeach them for. That's not how it works. But this is the revenge Congress. Joan and besito, weekday afternoon two to 5 on WTT, 8 20. Serving my country required sacrifice, sacrifice that changed my life forever. I remember the day I came home because of my injuries. This house wasn't right for me anymore. I remember the narrow doorways, the small bathrooms, the shelves out of reach when

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