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In the problem is if someone is injured and bow ease back out a foam. You know maybe suppose all going to struggle and i based only pay mungai. Mike sawa lie. They could easily come back and just do what they did. The week electronic go like a ten game stretch of being shit as well. I mean you remember is true but they should remain so bow. I was looking at bringing bow or moving son tobao if some was injured bogus gets off fifty five minutes november darby which getting subbed for an hour every single game all. I still don't know if he's going to be first choice. Europa league i i we can find out more than if he starts plays an hour again luckily lost time. We probably say saif but at any point fobbing brat bowel in on new. Causal gone comes around like he. He's top apply away. Josie could just keep him out because planned to shit now. Oversee lamelo is suspended and saw the injured. You know the the allow options kind bow. don't beleive apply a bit more in lucas. Moura bird foreign ally and delhi. Yeah so i wouldn't. That's why was talking about free. Hit players lucas. Mora or daily ally could be Great shasta great differential. Yeah maybe sees camp where alex steps up now. I think if if someone's fit in. Allie probably gonna play again. But who knows who knows time will tell. But yeah if you've got spurs assets. Cape him do upbring any in depend on songs. Injury are the comments that were made today or pokes. What is a slot charts. He plays against phil. But it doesn't seem doesn't seem hopeful enough for me. So yeah i mean i am looking at doing saunter bow. If that's the case. I just feel right that though because any v. does play you voiced that transfer we. I'm wondering if i'm confident. I won't bow oversaw now. I know saw these long Much better picked him. Bow played fucking an hour game someplace nine eight so desperately want sonum to be fit but yeah that is the teams in for gaming twenty nine but that's not what i'm looking at anymore. I was looking now. We're looking at twenty nine players for every single transfer bill my team up seven with a fixture but could be down to four if sawn panthers imagine he dropped stunk..

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