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To see your face. Actual life score in this moment glue America one Santos two in the 42nd. Okay, yeah, get that loss out of the way now. Get that loss out of the way now. So there's no streak that chivas can break and have their own little moment of heroism. So yeah, we'll get the defeat out of the way tonight for global America and they will win against you. Both teams to score. Says, go for the big bet. Give us to win. A thousand baby. And not just a win. But chivas to win after a comeback against global America. We got on ESPN screens as well coming up on ESPN+ and ESPN deportes on Sunday at 7 30 p.m. Eastern Time. It's the aforementioned Santos laguna against FC Juarez do not miss that one. Sunday Night on Liga MAE. We got the top ten goals from around, were all of North American soccer when we returned on football America some mid week bangers. We'll be back in just a moment. Football America continues with our top ten goals from the mid week. We start with ligand that keeps feminine. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Say it for me. Stay for me. But have you done? What have you done? What's the goalkeeper doing? Yeah, the real good, what have you done is for the goalie there? What have you done? Wicked spin. Number 9, Major League Soccer. Oh, really against my beloved D.C. United Daniel, shall we? Ah, you gotta feel for Kansas City. A lot of injuries to important. Why you gotta feel for Kansas City when they scored against these. You gotta feel for D.C. United. Actually win. They try to be actually relevant to look. What's he doing? Is that Holland celebration? Number 8. Diana got Sia, Raya, against Atlas. Step tour, so oh. See, if you don't step to work, she's gonna do that. You know how football is important, monterrey, Raya, the cream of the crop, along with chiles and America and ligament make his family. Look at the spin on that. Lyanna got a CI coming in hot at number 8. Houston dynamo against the New England revolution. Hey, respect to the New England goalkeeper. This is what you need to do if you get if you're gonna get scored on it and it's gonna last, so please don't move. Just turn around and admire the shots, maybe get a little golf club. Plenty more. That's right. Anti Goldie rhetoric as usual here on football America from Hercules Gomez. Number 6. If you want against Santos. Oh no, just body the Santos defender. Oh no, Angelina hits. Watch this. Cut her up, hit the gym. It's gotta get up. Oh, that's gotta hurt. It's gotta hurt you physically and your pride. Yes, it hurts the ego. Hicks at the near post there. Number 5, national women's soccer league, Chicago red stars, Kansas City current, Mallory pew off to the races. I'm just gonna go out and say this, you can tell me if I'm wrong, but she's the most direct player in WSL. Like the fastest two go, like there's nobody. You're not saying like north south. Nor does not have an Easter egg. Where to call Greg berhalter, you would be grateful to his dream. She is ridiculous. I'm a great season as well. Number four, Liga mecki. It was the only goal for chiba, but it was a beauty. I'll be honest, if this was in the top three, I wouldn't laugh about it. It took something special to be Noel Guzman and it's not it was a ridiculous blinder from him, but the presence of mind to chip it. Know that now Guzman because this is what he does will be off his line. It's a ridiculous goal from saldivar. So four one winners on the evening. Oh, they still lost them. At number three, speaking of special, Carlos vela, LAFC. That's the thing. People who enjoy and love Carlos feller who want to see him back on the national team, he often reminds you of why you want to see him back on the national team set. Him, chicharito. Hey guys, I want to see you on the national team. I know. I will not. That's not how it goes. Number two. Maritza Maldonado of Leon. Okay, this is ridiculous for a bunch of reasons. One, look at the wind up. Look, it took a half wind up, she's not even trying. Hits it. It's not even on the bounce before it bounces. It's all technique. It's like with the glove, pick it out of your neck. All right, so that's number two. What's coming in at number one from the college game NCA holy mackerel. He'll Santos, what have you done? Yeah, this is probably one of the best goals that I've ever seen at the college level. This is insane. There's too much air underneath that ball for you to get that much velocity, that much torque, that much power behind them, bicycle kick. This is ridiculous. Welcome to number one.

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