NBA Draft 2019: Latest 1st-Round Order, Predictions


And ladies and gentlemen, we have a new mock draft out Mel kiper Jr's three point. Oh is here with us. And we are looking forward to the draft. Mel will join us in just about an hour to talk about the new mock draft. But there have been some changes in the draft specifically one less quarterback. Now going in the first round then in mel's two point oh mock draft. So we have four in the two point oh mock draft with Daniel Jones from Duke rounding out of the last pick of the draft to the patriots in the first round of thirty two. There are only three quarterbacks now in the first round, according to mel's latest mock. And obviously a retirement might be a big reason why and the quarterbacks have changed as well. Right. As far as where they're they're going. Well, Cuyler he still has Tyler going number one derozan. Well in his last draft Cuyler going number thirteen to the dolphins. So now and this draft he hasn't going number one. He had. Dwayne Haskins going number six at a giant Kyle Murray. Going number thirteen to the to the dolphins. Drew lock going fifteen to the Redskins and Daniel Jones going thirty two to the patriots. So as you mentioned Daniel Jones now out of the first round, according to the latest mock draft by Mel kiper, just three quarterbacks Murray number one. The main says Dwayne Haskins at number six, and you start to hear reports that the giants may go defense was six and then was seventeen go quarterback. But right now twain Haskins at six and then drew lock sitting there at number thirteen for the dolphins. Does the only three quarterbacks in this latest first round. Yeah. Going to be very interesting because we know what the giants listen one thing. Dave Gettleman has made very clear he does not feel beholden to tell us his plan. And so I don't feel overly beholden to believe. A lot of what we're hearing coming out of the giants can't because if you've got a guy who's basic messages trust me, I got this. Well, then we understand he doesn't feel like he has to tell us the truth. So as we hear these things. Coming out. We also understand this time of year is about deception to an extent it's trying to manipulate the draft order trying to manipulate the opinions of certain players. So that you can try and put yourself in the best position to get the guys you ultimately want. So it makes it difficult to try and read the tea leaves it is although I have to say on cattlemans behalf. He said all of last spring saquon Barkley is a generational talent with the second overall pick. And that's where he went. Look, I think we all agreed. There has to be a quarterback in the giants future. Whether it's at six or seventeen trade now Cleveland, but it would not surprise me in the least if Dave Gettleman waited until the second or third round to take a quarterback this Dave Gettleman, he created that created, but he he made the term a more of a vernacular in the NFL draft hog molly's when he was the GM of the Carolina Panthers. He loves the big guys to hog mollies. And let's be honest. This draft is going to be decided outside of Kyla Murray. More than anything else about the big defensive lineman in this draft. The hog Molly is on the defensive side of the ball. So depending on your draft grades for your quarterbacks you could take one of those at six and then a quarterback at seventeen it all depends again on your on your draft great. If twain Haskins is highest on the board and draft grades. You don't pass that up. If you have a Dwayne Haskins drew lock. And whatever other quarterback equal in grades. You know, maybe use that seventeen pick baby can trade it up somehow to get one of those guys as I said, this always comes down to grades. Do. You have a choice amongst grades. Are you close enough in quarterbacks where if you don't get one you try and get the other? But we'll see we'll see, you know, one of the biggest changes in from the last two this for Mel was they had the patriots taken Daniel Jones a quarterback, and this one I serve Smith junior the tight end from Alabama going, and that would not be shocking at all you have really three out of the top tight end Hopkinson the kid from Iowa teammate, Noah Fant, and then Smith junior all three likely to go in the first round a three first round tight end to on the same team come on. And what would that tell you as we saw? The patriots jump into the first round and take a running back and Sony Michelle at the end of that. And now to see in the next year three tight ends going. We've talked about this. However, you want to split it. Last year were Quinton Nelson. Went in the top ten in the draft as an offensive guard. We saw roquan Smith going the top ten as a middle linebacker. The middle of the field is worthy. NFL is being built right now. And other teams are starting to catch up to what the patriots have done for years. The way that we've seen teams export that specific area and three tight ends in the first round would hammer that home not denying that. They are guys that are certainly probably more talented than usual tight end groups. We're used to seeing but it's also about value. It's why you see running back taking it to overall by the giants last year. I mean, the other thing is I think they're more interior linemen in this first round then quarterbacks right? Like, a not tackles guards and centers. There are more of those according to males latest mock than there are actual quarterbacks being taken which would be very unusual. So the top five in this new draft that Mel kiper put out is Kylie Murray. Number one of the cardinals Nick both the D N number two to the forty Niners. Number three. Josh Allen the outside backing backer pass rusher going to the jet number four Cornyn Williams. To the raiders and number five guy making a pretty big jump. Devon white going to Tampa Bay at five in the last mock draft he was number eleven to the Bengals now in mel's draft. He is sitting at number five number six twain Haskins seven Joon Taylor. The offense attack from Florida going to Jacksonville sweat, the D N going to the lions at eight Sean, Gary the D N going into the bills from Michigan and TJ Hopkinson. The tight end going to the Broncos at number ten. Here's here's what I wanted to talk to Mel about and one of the issues that I have laid on me big fella with with this draft comes, you know, some some point and one of them is there are few prospects in new first round projection who are making their debuts because of their combine performances. There are four guys who have jumped into mel's first round who weren't out there before again based on the combine combine performances. I don't understand that. I don't I don't understand that. If you wanna say. You looked at the combine to go back and look at tape of them. But to say, they're combine performance jumped them up that doesn't compute to me. Well, I think that's I think that's the assumption though, is because of their performance you went back and look and that. That's fair. That's why I want to ask them. How did this? Make you go back and study them more. Because if you're just basing things off the combine I got a real issue with that. Yeah. I I don't think you would do that or teams. But at the same time, you look at the positions of the majority of the players that would be involved in that. And I think this could be true for teams as well. It's interior offense. It is right. Three interior offensive linemen Terry McLaren the wide receiver, but when it comes to interior offensive lineman. You wanna talk about an area where the scouting grossly lags behind to actually great and overall draft. It's a difficult area for a lot of people to see and understand because you don't have the benefit of a lot of stats. You don't have the benefit of even the combine members necessarily always translating to production. So when those guys go and they paying and they flag in the model somewhere for what they do at the combine. And then you go back and spend some more time looking at a guy like Lindstrom who wasn't going to be a big name. He wasn't like, you know, Gary bradberry from North Carolina State won the Remington award this year. Like that guy was a stud Boston College was a middling. Okay. ACC team this year. So Lindstrom wasn't getting the credit. He deserved even being as good as he is. So you go back now, and even these NFL teams, maybe we're late to the party on some of these guys all of a sudden start giving them an extra. That's why I want to ask I just wanna make sure with Mel that because I'm just reading from the combine performance, and again, let's put a name. To those you mentioned McLaren the wide receiver who is one of the others. Chris Lynch reminder, you just mentioned from Boston College now. Number twenty one to Seattle Eric McCoy interior linemen going number twenty two to Baltimore. Right and the Garrett bradberry. The Senator from North Carolina State who is you mentioned one the Remington award is the best center in the country number thirty one to the LA Rams where they have an aging center, and John John Sullivan. And that was that was one of the things have been saying for the Rams the last couple of years that dynasties been built on the interior. If you land a guy like that good, Lord or you winning out it is. So we'll see how that plays out. Now, the one thing that I find interesting he he has drew lock the third quarterback Mel dozen his latest mock going thirteen in Miami. I'm telling you don't take out Denver at ten in Cincinnati of eleven in play for quarterbacks. I mean. Yeah. Denver made the play for Joe flacco. But John Elway has messed this up a couple of times with all due respect. I mean, that's just outside of getting Peyton Manning. He has not figured out the quarterback spot there at ten they might be in play for quarterback. And you have Andy Dalton with his situation with the Bengals and his contract situation. I, you know, I think that there's a really good chance that they could be in play with a quarterback there, by the way, by the way, Mel kiper Jr's mock draft not the biggest item related to the draft this week. That will have news for you guys. What more on that coming up later? This week

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