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Performers will be the same ones who were supposed to play cheer and sing in 2020 and the giant character balloons are back. Aaron Carter Ski ABC news there slowly moving toward new district maps for Ohio, so people are aware of their representatives. Democrats in the state have already released new maps for statehouse and state Senate district. The dispatch is now reporting that Republicans are going to present their proposals tomorrow. The Ohio Redistricting Commission had a constitutional deadline to introduce a new map September 1st. But GOP lawmakers say they were delayed because the U. S Census Bureau was slow to put out population data. The goal is for unanimous approval on the commission for State House Maps to cover 10 years. State lawmakers have until the end of the month to approve new congressional district lines. A car accident this morning on the city's north side sent three people to the hospital. Police say one car struck another at the intersection of Morse Road and North High Street. Both cars went into a park and ride area for Kota buses. All three people injured are expected to recover. Meantime, One person is dead after a morning crash on the South side, just one car involved in that wreck at the intersection of Harmon and Frank Road. The identity of the person killed has not yet been released. That crash remains under investigation. The remains of the 22 year old Ohio sailor killed at Kabul airport has returned to Ohio There was a processional today from Cleveland Airport to Max Soviet Axe hometown of Berlin Heights. His funeral is Monday. President Biden is asking for money for Afghan refugees as they come to the US The White House is asking Congress for $6.4 billion to support 65,000. Into Afghans arriving in the U. S. According to the Office of Budget Management. Most of the money would go to the Department of Defense Processing centers oversees the rest for resettlement operations, humanitarian assistance and funding for health screenings and vaccines. Afghan refugees are now in line with tens of thousands of migrants from our southern border as they wait for sluggish paperwork to process through the backlogged immigration system. Even Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitting last week that their resources were quote stressed in Washington. I'm fascinated Fox News and getting back to normal in person. Oral arguments are returning at the U. S. Supreme Court. The court announced all arguments in October, November and December will be heard in the courtroom. But Only certain people, including the justices, and the lawyers involved in the cases will actually be allowed inside. Use. Radio 6 10 w T V N Sports is mark. High Football, updated service in mid state basement systems and clouds roofing Ohio State Facing Oregon in a nationally televised showdown Saturday, coach Ryan did not saying whether defensive backs Cam Brown and seven banks or safety Josh Proctor, all dealing with injuries will be available for the game. Join us tomorrow night. We'll talk Buckeyes with you on bucks line from 6 to 8. Former Buckeye punter Drue Chrisman out of work after being cut from the Bengals practice squad. Baseball Reds change for the wild card continues tonight when they visit the Cubs Indians host Minnesota Clipper's welcome Garnett from the central Ohio Hannah Dealer Sports Test Matt McCoy. Used radio 6 10 W T.

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