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So when people go to Dover, it idea in a c- watermelon stuff all over there doing kind of a grass campaign around the race, track leading the race with all kinds of scientists and and then so beyond all that for racing, we know people, some people don't watch NASCAR. Okay. I know we're in our bubble. We thank everybody loves NASCAR, but granted people don't tell people don't watch it. So. Oh, we are reaching people in the grocery store then are not a part in asker. So just given the marketing dollars for the office of highway safety in their message, more bang for their buck and just trying to push their message. Try to get people to remind them drives over. I gotta ask you windows watermelon season officially end. We shit three sixty five, really? Yep. It we ship your. Does that work because in the wintertime, you don't grow them, right? We'll we're going to fall crop right now in Florida, and that's a small crop, but they'll be ready the middle of October, probably. So was just another month away. Probably we'll start shipping out of there right now. They're still shipping out of like Kentucky in Delaware, Maryland up there in the Dover area. Just south of the track about forty. Five minutes actually is a huge watermelon area who knew that peninsula out. There is like gold for watermelons, and there's a lot of agriculture and then it'll reset the Florida. And then after that, that'll be for, you know, October on. And then. There will be a lot of import stuff. So out of South America stuff, we'll bring him in and people gotta eat watermelons. He around man for salads and and lot of of fresh cut stuff and just keep pushing it or for busting up on the start, finish whatever you need. That's right Ross. Congratulations on the way things are going for you this year. Really happy for you and look forward to seeing it Richmond and making some noise in these playoffs. Thanks for having me that is Las Vegas winner, Ross Chastain, and our Woody came coming up next on NASCAR live. We'll preview a new podcast on dot com. And later Jimmy Johnson. What style the American fighting spirit is everything we..

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