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That right there. Is Tara Hastings wish TV meteorologist Tara? I appreciate it. It is raining, and it was foggy. And it's it was a little rough common ends. Keep an eye on that slow and easy for sure fifty degrees right now in the American standard heating weather center. Basically where we're going to be for a high today. Mike it up to fifty to the time is six eight this hour on ninety three WIBC is powered by Pierce jewelers. Caramels diamond engagement ring store. An economic miracle is taking place in the United States. And the only thing that can stop it. Foolish wars politics or ridiculous partisan investigations. President Donald Trump with the state of the union last night. Did he go for the unity kind of? Go for civility for the most part. Is it the best state of the union and the generation? Without question guys. I was live tweeting it at nine three WIBC garage doors, Indianapolis doors today dot com. Let us do this. The best of a generation, and I can take on all comers. Let the Trump though to the side. And we will dig in.

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