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Five underlying conditions will make people more susceptible to the corona virus. An undercover camera reveals a great deal at the facebook offices and a popular singing group changes their name, so as not to offend anyone as the krona virus researches in hot spots across the united. States. Health officials are doing everything they can to safeguard Americans who are most at risk of the disease. It's well documented that elderly adults in those with. With underlying conditions are susceptible to negative effects of the virus and are in many cases likely to recover, but what underlying conditions are most likely to lead to poor health outcomes in patients who contract covid nineteen, well, according to data from the Centers for disease. Control and Prevention, hospital visits were six times higher among patients with underlying conditions, and those same patients were twelve times more likely to die from covid nineteen than their counterparts without. Without medical conditions, they are hypertension, cardiovascular, disease, diabetes, and obesity as well as chronic lung disease doctors don't fully understand the correlation between diabetes and obesity with covid nineteen, according to Clark Pierre He's a medical director of the Bryn. Power Hospital ICU in Philadelphia, but she told the Philadelphia Inquirer. The diseases are generally associated with inflammation and diminish lung capacity, making the flow of oxygen more difficult as the new virus also attacks the lungs. B. E. T. founder Robert Johnson says the Democratic Party has taken black voters in America for granted any urges the ascendant black lives matter movement to form a new third party to fight for their interest in a wide ranging interview with Fox News touched on twenty twenty politics civil unrest more Johnson delivered an unvarnished assessment on the current relationship between black voters and the democratic. Party any had choice words for the party's presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden recently radio host. You Ain't black. You don't support him. Citing the incident is he made the case for a new party? Vice President Joe Biden said to an African American. American hosts on his show. Even if you think about voting for Donald Trump, you're not black this according to Johnson. When he talked to Fox News to have that mindset, you must have the attitude that we black Americans. We own you. We can take for granted that to me. Shows that black Americans are an appendage of party. He later added. That's the biggest turnoff I've heard from a politician in a long time. Are quoted the day at the end of our life, we shall all be judged by charity. Saint John of the cross coming up are saying of the day they were both officers in the army under Julian the apostate and received the crown of martyrdom. You're listening to Crusade Channel News. Stations are stored. Is the epoch seventeen DVD or streaming download series that completely refuse that most pernicious of modernist Eros evolution. This course is visually stunning and has presented so that lay people can arm themselves with truth in the fight against an evil that is Neil Darwinism to order simply use are handy oriented, say channel Dot com forward slash Adam and right now your first two episodes free, or now say channel Dot Com. Forward slash adamant. Day, or Saint John and Saint Paul, they were both officers in the army under Julian, the apostate, and received the crown of martyr drum, probably in three sixty, two under a protease, perfect of Rome, a great enemy of the Christians these Saints Glorified God by a double victory they despise the honors of the world, and triumphed over its threats and torments. They saw many wicked men prosper in their MPG, but were not dazzled by their example they considered that worldly prosperity which attends impunity in sin is the most dreadful of all judgments. Judgments and how false, in short live was this glittering prosperity of Julian who, in a moment, fell into the pit, which he himself had doug, but the martyr's by the momentary Labor of their complex purchased and Immense Wade of never fading glory there torments were by their heroic patients and invincible virtue and fidelity, a spectacle worthy of God, who looked down upon them from the throne of his glory, and held his arms, stretched out to strengthen them, and to put on their heads immortal crowns in the happy moment of their victory. James O'Keefe's team of. Journalists Project Veritas have released hidden camera footage of facebook employees admitting to deliberate political biases, censorship of trump supporters as well as discrimination against conservative and white male employees facebook insider Ryan Hartwig has also come forward to project Veritas to give his account of Bias and discrimination at the company. The hidden camera footage reveals a host of facebook employees and. CONTRACTORS ADMITTING TO POLITICAL BIAS Steve Grim team lead for content. Review at facebook can be heard admitting that he lumps the Maga movement in with Nazis and Hitler Grimmett can be heard telling an undercover reporter that he monitors hate organizations including Hitler Nazis. Maga- you proud boys all that stuff. Stuff all day long, and here's a good one. A content moderator cognizant of firm that handles content moderation for facebook can also be heard saying that she would accept it eighty one million dollar bounty placed on President Trump's head by the government of Iran, if I were to go in with a mango shirt or a Maga- hat, I'd get my ass beat, says another employee, apparently admitting to an atmosphere of political discrimination and intimidation at the company and further undercover footage facebook senior HR manager Leslie Brown can be heard admitting that it's easier for the company to fire white males because they aren't able to sue the company for discrimination. Country Band the dixie chicks challenged their name to the chicks. The new name now appears on the trio's newly released song, and their social media accounts. The move comes as the chicks comprised of strayer Natalie maynes in Martie Maguire dropped their new single march march off their fifth studio album gas lighter on Thursday about the ongoing protests that were sparked by the death of George Floyd. The black man who died while in. In police custody in Minneapolis, the trio is changed its website. Url as well. It's official..

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