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And wcbs check of the wcbs forecast meteorologist bill deger grey day rather grey day tanya rather cool day for this time of year you know now are high temperature average high temperatures in the eighties today barely into the seventies with a breeze out there with the clouds that are actually feel a little cool at times i seventy three and we're watching the radar for some showers as there is a chance of a shower thunderstorm throughout the day right now the closest showers are in sussex county new jersey and also eastern long island do not be surprised if you see a few raindrops or a rumble of thunder later today especially this evening is a warm front looser some downpours and cloudy and muggy low sixty eight tonight tomorrow much warmer eightyseven humid as well partly sunny and i could spark a shower thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening ahead of a cold front behind that front a stretch of nice weather monday through wednesday highs close to eighty with some sunshine right now sixty three and cloudy and midtown temperatures across the area range from sixty one at scarsdale to sixty six and elizabeth emily go up to seventy three i'm meteorologist bill deger in the wcbs weather center wcbs teams time nine ten the city is getting pushed back on its plan to open safe injection sites from its top drug prosecutors special narcotics prosecutor brigitte brennan calls it a threat to public safety as the state health commissioner considers the proposal brennan wrote a blistering letter complaining about the city's plan to allow injection sites at four needle exchanges brennan argues the sites would encourage drug dealing and negatively impact neighborhoods undermined prevention messages and education programs about the dangers of drug use and over emphasize harm reduction at the expense of public safety city health officials proposed the needle exchange in may after its second straight year of four than fourteen hundred overdose deaths it's a nine eleven at wcbs as a business owner do you ever wonder if your business ever closes early aren't there or if it.

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