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Most of of you know what happened over the weekend only a few days after betsy devos was harassed in a public setting sarah sanders saw with her family somewhere in virginia at some restaurant in lexington virginia called the red hat and they turned on her and told her she wasn't welcomed there and essentially through radyr out reports of this stuff have been increasing maxine waters the democratic congresswoman got wind of it said it was a great thing congratulated the restaurant for doing it and said that anybody who sees any trump employees anywhere else needs to go after them but it's time to make it clear to them that this is war so you've had now betsy devos bothered at a public event brigitte nielsen the director of homeland security harassed and confronted at a public event sarah sanders can't even go with her family to a little restaurant and the left elated with this just elated backseat water saying bring it odd you can talk about reversing the situation and i love to do that because it makes the point very very well this one though i think reversing the situation gives even conservatives the willies imagine the following as we all know maxine waters is african american female and she's no spring chicken can you imagine if in response to this.

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