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To simplify because there are many many foods and well it turns out that there's many many constituents at foods also i don't know which are more the number of foods are the number of constituents but the thinking was anyway in the early days in nutrition there were fifty five nutrients that so the word nutrient is actually reserve those fifty five things which were judge to be essential for life in the early founding. Fathers and mothers thought that they're in other other things that we might eat but maybe they're not nutrients are just filler or empty calories. Things of that type have been used. So this this idea of using because with the top down approach using say for example various score based or indices for epidemiology. 'cause i think what you were saying was okay you know. The reductionist approach was in itself. An effort to simplify with the food based approach. Though you can have. Let's say for example. We use a healthy eating index. Let's scored out of a hundred. It still has the potentially two or the potential perhaps to miss capturing some of the synergistic effects of foods. If it's kind of crudely like vegetables for example right so what defines a food in what defines a category. That's the challenge. What should you count as a positive and negative if you look at all the varietals of onions or apples or whatever. They're all subtly different from each other. They're more alike within. Say the category of apple or within the category of onion than they are between apples and onions or apples onions in meat. So the score which we developed in the cardia study. We have forty six food. Boop send in the iowa studied the same score week used only thirty four food groups but scores like the like the healthy eating index Tend to reduce the categories more than that so that i think that they did not necessarily give clear answers to what to eat just because they're not a specific enough but the challenge really is It's a statistical challenge. What what's your metric out of you. Decide what a food is. Had he decide what a nutrient nutrient is a little bit easier to get at because you can take a food table. Say six thousand or twenty five thousand food items and you actually have subjected each one to laboratory testing for whatever it is you can subject it to testing for nutrient so you could get the amount of carbohydrate for.

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