Africa, America And Trump discussed on The Candace Owens Show


He got this movement online and all these black people jumping on board about the problem with illegal immigration. He's he's going to step further and say, he don't like he he told me he agree with you. And I I am Gration. But he he want to go step further and say, no immigration because immigration has not hill. Black people in America. Now, all of these black social Justice were right? Then Trump just none. But all black people jumping in this. Well, now by prop this up. So what I said is that the argument can be made despite I mean, we obviously understand typically that illegal immigration is judgment black community, and particularly impacts black men from the age of h no twenty Twenty-one who had to compete for those jobs when they're willing to do it beneath minimum wage. I always say, do you believe that black men between eighteen twenty one she'd work beneath minimum wage? No and stop supporting open borders. But the other argument is that over fifty percent of the immigrants that we get coming for the. That's not diversity. That's making America Mexico. Right. Only two to four percent come from Africa. So that we actually are not allowing black immigration to happen at all. So I mean, there's I don't agree it, you should stop immigration. But I think that it should be more fair and more of a merit based system. I like to see some people come in from Nigeria maybe from the content of Africa that are working hard and want chance at the American dream, not because you have a

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