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Here in his number ten right now so if he does win this site i mean they can throw him elder hooker. Define us i mean he can move up that rankings man and I say if he wins ugly to look who fights if he wants to fight the wakey one against that is title contender. They're to be tough though man dr. She's a finish your man like he's got like a couple of decisions but yeah he's been sparring mike tyson too so we gotta give him at edge to the kings mamane Gasoline album guys killers king so an rda to as well i believe is still out of kings. Gonna be light nightmare by tonight. Pick for sure next a couldn't stand him versus oscar. Asker i can go through a guy with the same person lessening with two names. Don't trust him. I trust a man. But like logan paul if you have a first name in the last name that's a i mean what is askar. He's a palestinian guy right. He's like him and allow muhammed. There's only two palestinian fires. Ufc young woman weird. A lot of those pallets your face team s carlson. Ask ask clue ask her. What shit and his nickname. Ak47 seven is it really just to top it off with the roll ask cart. So he has not coding statement. This is gonna be ask our debut. Simmons been fighting your see for a while united michigan man. I read this guy a long longtime ago from years ago my podcasts. He's been the grinder consistent. Notice keeping adamant so supposed fight somebody else. This is like a last minute. i know on monday. He was fighting somebody else. I don't remember. He was andrea. Well right you will wilkinson this. Yeah i saw on facebook. That he was last. Matt got change. It's definitely going to be cody. Stayman cats rudy. Yeah same for sure. He has access lost quite a few fights on his car. I mean the choi was initially still feisty. Even peterson get to see nico montagna was supposed to fuck and fight on this fight on this card but her every single one of her fights has been canceled the last four years so her with the right. Yeah yeah and then even marian renault macy chess on the espn got on. Yeah copa nineteen. That was a copa cancelled ballot. So there's at least six different fights on this car. Have been rearranged. And i mean Frankie edgar in shangen probably could have ended up being the main event. I mean we gotta keep a roll-call for not only walk into the daily combat. That girl has not fought in like what ten years. Yeah it's unbelievable champion. She was the yes. Use x you see champ. And now she's like not wanting to fight like let's see what else provider. Which what's what are the title but never defended it because she can never make a fight. Yup never never defended that belt. Yeah it was scripted about. She never defense. You can never make a fight was always cancelled. She was matched up with. Joanna and i think three different times. They tried to put it together and pulled out. What a bitch sniff for new mexicans. Abraham betting is always clam. she's winner in the first ever flyway chapin so she could be cut in three days to though like that does not meet while it could be tomorrow. I mean i'm not hating on nico robin her. When she was the champion we have pictures with together but that's small timeframe was when she actually held the belt but you got mashed up if they want to see what hat would play out there but never happened. And that's what we have. Valentina shevchenko went a church. Do they really help. How back to affleck fighters up cody in asker ask are i think both guys are somewhat familiar with each other. I think what cody's allergies out of what michigan. So so they're familiar. I think they ll seen each other compete. They probably like i'm surprised. They never met up previous on. Askar coming in a short notice. I heard some of his lead up interviews and that he's comfortable coming in here because he doesn't have to cut all the way to a thirty five or twenty five that he's previously heated at but odie statement was like a hot prospect coming into uc. Bought some tough ass. Mother fuckers so. I think askar's infrared. He's only got one loss in his career and i don't think he's been finished but I could be wrong. But i'm definitely picking cody statement here. He's got a great record man. Nineteen in three and those three losses are against buchan Guys in the uc go. Check the record and so. I think this could be a low key by the nights that you never seen coming. But i gotta goes coach statement for next to alexandria and thus far versus manila kick cup. Do however emc khaki eight Good fight. i'm not gonna quicker and minnelli even though going to be doing this year of c debut. If you look at a hockey won his last three fights yeah. That's pretty good so i'm going to pick him win. All three wins by double oaks. The first time. I heard about this guy that nikki uncle creepy. A couple of years ago just totally destroyed him with. I mean i never knew about the guy i think. He's prima super young. He's like twenty seven years old and he's fata horiguchi fought sasaki. I think he got that went back. I mean horiguchi. Still one of the top guys in the world. You know what i mean. He was in the. Afc fought mighty mouse for the belt but Yeah guys coming in with a lot of confidence man. I think this is a great fight Where it's placed on the card. I think star could be born in this division because it is the flyweight division and disguise experienced in rising. He's been the champion there. And i think he's gonna come in here and put on a show. I'm high on this cat. And i think he's really gonna come in and show out on the card where he's at for a reason. Yes he's right here. Originally pinto hub. But you know what i remember you. I remember who he was when you mentioned him. Fighting creepy do day didn't retire on the because he yeah. He retired destroyed in with a knee. Yeah go back and change. Manuel manuel copy. I think it's cap where they the way they pronounce it allergies. They want us. That's a division and it's like a global division too many guys you get guys from all over the world to find finance vision. I mean i think they were the hope. Trying to find out of the american star. But i mean you don't change it's fucking nickname those starboy nickname star boy star boy. Yeah but we do have a titans. We do have an american flyweight star on the rise and his name is jimmy flick and these guys actually cross pass in the near future. Yeah but.

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