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Wind impact and even rain impacts. Getting getting bands of rain fall late tomorrow and even Thursday. Mike. What can you tell us about ST Tammany Parish governmental offices as far as opening a clothes and many changes been made to reopen offices that were closer. They're goingto remain closed in any other. Services like sandbag availability. While those great questions way have been working with the central personnel since Sunday, Sunday, Monday, and even today are sandbag locations were open Sunday. We had over 30,000. Distributed or picked up by our citizens. In a self serve fashion. Even yesterday, we had about 14,000 picked up our sandbag locations or again open today. Since we're still expecting some storm surge later in the week, So our citizens do have that availability with regard to government offices. We've been working again with essential staff. We're providing services. Where we can to keep government moving, and we'll make a determination today. With regards to To what extent we will open tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. And Mike. What about the Office of Emergency operations over that CEO Seo Yu guys manning that you have intentions to art? This point? What does it look like A faras putting the staff over there. Well, actually, I'm here at this moment. We were here yesterday and part of Sunday. They The alert level here at the has been minimized due to the new to Marco fizzling out and with the projected storm Going to Going west towards the western part of Louisiana. So but we're here now we're here, 24 7. But now with the extent of if we were in the line of sight of a major storm So we're here. We're monitoring the weather. We're monitoring the conditions here in ST Tammany Parish and were able to give updates as needed Teo to our citizens. Mike. I'd love to see you and if necessary, I will be over that two man our studio in the operations center, But I hope I don't have to, and we can meet up on more pleasant circumstances. Well, I really appreciate that. Don appreciate WWL radio for allowed us to share these updates for our citizens. Sure anything you need to get out. Mike, you know where to get us. Yes, sir. Thank you, my friend. Thank you. All righty, president of Saint Tammany Parish, My Cooper over there in the sea are coming back after someone get to some of your comments pretty interesting. Ah as faras people's confidence in meteorologist and also their comments about what they think they Over high board. Just the facts. Ma'am is once famous TV detective used to say I will be back right after this. I'm down to Byuk filling in for Tommy Tucker on W. W. Els first news. From the vehicle Traffic center of Josh would out coming in from memory on I 10. Those slowdowns there from the parish line into downtown and earlier accident just cleared from the right shoulder of the city Park Avenue exit.

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