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Weekday mornings from four until ten today, remembering the late Marshall Bodine the wacky wizard wiza-, and my two thousand twelve interview in which he recalled with me his very early starts in magic and his career here in Chicago. When I was about eight nine years old, and they had a woman magician. Come. Magic show set looks great. To learn how to do that. I lived near Clark diversity. And there was a shop that sold tricks and jokes and start playing magic tricks there and start doing magic. And after that, I found there was one downtown. Avenue finer amusements start by magic there. That's all I did. So how did it go from being a hobby an interest to where you're making money start doing shows for fifteen dollars or twenty dollars? Whatever I could get to birthday parties and stuff like that. And kept doing it. In time went by. And what are you remember from working the birthday parties, and like it'd be worth forty success? I mean when you were first starting off your remember parties are a lot of fun. Sometimes the kids get a little while. But I have them pretty good. Smacking down with your majesty one. A lot of fun doing that. Then I started doing shows for adults. American lesions places and any place they could get a job at work. What would you say it was the turning point from the amateur musician magician to professional was there? One moment that really was kind of a turning point for why did a show at the Parkway theatre where they had acts up here and there and they liked what I did. And then some Asian by Howard show started booking me when I was about seventeen eighteen years old. And then when I was about nineteen years old. Magic shops called the magic center across theater doing magic and the Senate cranley call himself commend vice stuff, and he was appearing in Cicero. The. Lounge which is right across the street from all then gambling and stuff like that. And he went on to town. And. Came back, and he's got a different job. They kept me there for a couple of years doing magic thing. They had slot machines on their all kinds of stuff. And I just to show to shows around the bar the tables and do close up magic. And it was it was a fun thing. What point? The the service in magic played apart. Yeah, I was working replacement. Yes. I was working at the beginning of the Chicago is a small place south, south central. I think. And I was there for a while traffic in the army. And I started when the basic training magic. But the guys on everything. And then we went on bivouac were you got to sleep overnight. And all that I I am out there. I'm shooting all of a sudden car pulls up, and where's private pro? Dane, he's over there. And this guy was put your gun die. You're going with me wrong. He's no we're going in. So he wrote me back in general. The commanding general fifth v and is in town. He's here for three days to entertain them. General the pulse says he wants to their damn I said, no problem. I went back there and went to the officers club close up magic. And then show and they liked it. So this is your that going back. You're going to stay here. I wanna take some Scottish Chicago's party Saturday night. Got any plans going up, and they said, we don't have any plans going out there. Tomorrow morning on my plane, flew in his log on picking up. We don't need the until Saturday. So they drove me from my house. My mother was surprised I stay there until Saturday staff picked me up out there and entertained for big party with a commanding general of the US cotton. Army command four-star General Magic and all that stuff on back in about a couple of weeks later. I got a call at first star. General was come to forgot where was worried as office indoor show for him. And that was it. So that's how you spent the rest of your military military's assigned to a little theatre. We'd put on shows and surround all day and. Go to the service clubs are going to town to do a show representing the army. So he's off all other duties for a year and six months or eight months about that that was fun. So then when you when you came back from the service, go back into redact service. I lived on north avenue in Chicago. And across the street was a place called the Boston club, and they have bands there and everything. So I walked over to the guy, and I said, I'm a magician Modesto. How would you like to do that? He's fame watch over and just some magic. So they have the stage. Hypnotized a few people. How would you like the worker? He's fulltime is I'm gonna put a whole stage of your own that gets both bills eight one room for the sit down in chairs and stuff, and then they put a station there. And I start doing that got the shogun Ville packing, the place and all of a sudden the guy that owned that. Got in trouble. Lost his license. Out of a job. I'll give you the place for nothing and you pay five hundred dollars a month to replace. So I get a licensed from the liquor license, and I turned it to the vista club. And I ran that club for almost two years and doing the Vatican hypnotism and all that stuff. Just got tired of doing it. Now is just really rough. So I had a friend of mine's a by the club from you. Election. And then all of a sudden the Cairo club where they had all this. Dr Michael Dante. Home with the Vegas. His obligated the Cairo club, which is club. I dreamed about going in there, and they went in there. And I started doing hypnosis only for about two years. And then you have saw the show invited me to a party at his house. And he wanted me to work the plate white clubs all over the country. And at that time. Ready to get married. So my first wife, and I was hard to go on. So I'm going to go on the road. I said I just got married. His wife with nice. No. I don't wanna do that. 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