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A eastern weekdays now back to the pony express with andrew phillip pony i know back to the pony express with andrew phillip pony john fast here with the cbs sports radio studios in new york city some technical difficulties we will have those south for you momentarily meanwhile we'll keep you updated as to what's going on around the world of sports on this memorial day weekend it is the one hundred and second running of the indianapolis five hundred and that also marks the final race in danika patrick's racing career a busy day in baseball what else is new fifteen games on tap a handful already underway and not a lot of scoring so far in this early sunday it's the braves and red sox scoreless from fenway as are the angels and yankees from the bronx white socks in tigers orioles raise astros indians nationals marlins all underway and all scoreless but of course the big story in the world of sports a pair of game sevens and the nba's conference finals first time since one thousand nine hundred seventy nine that the nba finals will be determined by a game seven in both the eastern and western conference finals and it starts tonight at td garden in boston and i believe we do have andrew phillip pony back with us andrew why don't you take over from here banks john i appreciate you pitch hitting for.

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