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And that is the opening to the overture to a midsummer night's dream by the nineteenth century german composer felix mendelssohn and now that summers finally here it is the perfect time to celebrate one of mandelson's most famous works here to help us do that is classical music commentator miles hoffman good morning miles happy summer thank you good morning rachel all right so the big question did mendelssohn actually write this peace overture to a midsummer night's dream in the summer he did but the key fact the key fact is that it was the summer of eighteen 26 why sochi what was happening then in some of eighteen for anything six mr mandelson was only seventeen years old while the musicologist george grow very famous musicologist once wrote that the overture to midsummer night's dream is and i quote the greatest marvel of early maturity that the world has ever seen in his greatest marvel of early maturity yes so i thought that it was actually mozart who was considered the greatest classical child prodigy and music mozart was a great prodigy famous for starting to music when he was five and he was a great prodigy the keyboard but motored didn't right great works last thing works until he was an old man of eighteen or nineteen are far more mature mendelssohn was far and away the greatest child prodigy composer who ever walked the plenty he's absolutely one of a kind that time used fifteen eat composed four operas twelve string symphonies which are still played by the way and at sixteen he composed his october for strings which is not just a marvel of early maturity but actually one of the great alltime great masterpieces of chambers.

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