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And it was a true profiled carry she's mentioned briefly in in john kennedy's book a profiles encourage full force do uh doing this pardon um and so bite from the beginning darrow in uh and all skills we're uh radical when and very brave in uh uh especially the opinions against uh the tide of by popular opinion uh john's book is rich with all of the paradoxes of clarence darrow he's not one thing or and tougher he's not a a character on of tolstoy he's a man with contradictions he wants to be powerful he wants to know the powerful wants to be welltodo because he comes from poor circumstances there was father and he had a very good relationship there they're ho his whole life and so he goes back and forth between taking up the cause of the oppress the poor of the uh the those who are treated unjustly and also what you'd have to say being available to the welltodo who won to do favours for them and at one point john you devote your time to darrow as a little rock tour and is striking demeanour how he wants to be a polymath in chicago he wants to be a man who argues for the vulgar and the vile and in the courtroom and captures headlines and always presents himself and find pr firm do very well on cable television but he also wants to give lectures about robert burns and walt whitman and his saver aulmark high um how do you put those two parts of him together john framing it wasn't multi faceted manner with um our novel europe who novels uh he was a muckraking journalist he wrote a series of of articles in the first newspaper uh in chicago about uh the injustices as legal system uh he was a uh very strong early advocate or feminism and for what was then known as to be free loved movement which basically meant uh a loosening of the victorian era strictures on uh sexuality marriage and divorce laws um and uh and he was this great practicing uh defense attorney so he he uh you know chicago went through uh what was sort of uh no one a literary blooming and uh.

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