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The night game against little league may just stop sala. Monon community myself much So i think should consumed going to see. I can potentially malacca replacement being legal. Ty- heinsohn or gun. So betsy if new situations jerry probably wants to miss. Because he doesn't run outside. Yeah reason as it doesn't fit now probably joe. Hough is nice so being under study identified. We're going to get with goalkeeping Longtime long term replacement. But jimmy tonight one nine dollar dollar. It's all about shot stopping. You will see. It's it's bout commanding your box. It's about talking and communicates jill defenders. And i don't know if he does that. Alternate ignorance really to say no just just because he makes a few good saves and all. Could you probably read the multiple goalkeeping. But there's no that's not reason enough so got to be the being in squatting a slight the whole thing about all of that right. That should be in england team because we loaded them because he's very good at going forward until to me. There's nothing good bathrooms. I know how less arrived. Yes why is the one that wanted. Ain't been cut. Learning the chef. Shula.

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