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How you doing? Welcome to the show. I am Barcelo with rod Hersi. Our producers, Gary and you this radio. Welcome to gentlemen, everybody. Good today. Yemen. Garrett. How you doing? I mean, I've okay, I don't know about other people that have been countered today some bruises. I just found came in. And the Garrett said I don't think Bob sack. It's too happy with me. And I say what happened. So I guess Bob seconds here to do some stand up at the improv in Palm Beach assume. So he's he he came in this morning to visit WR station. Right. And so I I drove in drive in and about eleven and I go to park in the parking garage, and nor parking lot rather. And normally after part far away because I get here later than everybody else. I don't get a front row slot. Right. And so I saw one right up front, and I thought lucky day I'm gonna pull in. Yeah. The the the big black SUV next to it is a little too close. It's going to be a tight fit, but I can do it. So I pulled in and I parked and I looked over. And I noticed the SUV still has people in it. Yeah. And I thought the guy in the passenger seat. It was just staring at me with like this hate and his is like how could you park so close to my car because I can't get out. Now, that's the idea. And so we opened the door, and he starts to shimmy his way out. Well, here's the thing. Have you seen Bob recently? We're getting there. He starts shimmy his way out of the car and only then do I realize that's Bob sagging. Yeah. And so it's not it's not Bob second from from full houses posit from fuller house man, extremely full. Close the door. And he's obviously, Mattie walks out like behind the car, and I guess the handler from the improper whatever they they start walking towards the door, and I'm getting out and I'm walking behind him. Yeah. And we get in the elevator. And it's just the three of us. Right. And he knows who I am obviously daggers at you. And know, so this is the funny part is he's staring at his phone just doing something halfway talking to the handler about something. Yeah. And I looked and I just said, you know, what I'm gonna do it. I said, you know, what? I apologize guys. If I if I parked your car, I'm sorry about that. And he's he without even looking up without acknowledging. Anyway, says don't worry I have to lose weight. Anyway, these these big joke about it. But it wasn't like it wasn't like he did it as a standup. Bit knows more of like with resentment in his voice as pissed these put on thirty forty pounds squeeze out of that that as UV thanks for the reminder. Thanks for the reality. Check their body. Boy, right. Next to you. You're like, Mr. tight t shirt T shirt, your pants, and he's sitting there going how the hell did I get to be fifty pounds overweight? So Bob's from Phillies. He's affiliate guy. And he and I kind of came up together about the same time in the eighties. He was trying to make it as a stand up, and I was on the radio in Philly. And so we met, but we couldn't do similar. We had you know, people acquaintances we all knew together and so fast forward, it's got to be almost twenty years ago. I'm honest station in Philly doing morning show. And I guess I had been goofing on him on the air. Maybe talking about America's home videos, how corny I thought it was whatever it was. I was I was rose to them pretty good. And I didn't know anything I was thinking about it. And apparently, I guess he heard about someone says to him about it. So all I know is I was out of the station. And I guess he came by to do like one of these appearances that he did today at our f-, and he was like screaming the bars where is he? That's what I heard. I don't know if it's true. But so he was like I think he was looking for me and wanted to beat me up, but I'm sure didn't want to. But you know, it was one of those things. But I can't remember if I had him on or whatever the story was, but I heard that he was doing stand up again. And so it's interesting that he's here in town. But why would you bother doing stand up if you were at one hundred million dollars while you on the road? That's what I would. I want to ask them. Maybe some people just have that h I gotta tell you know, how a lot of these guys live. Yeah. It's gotta be pretty great to be able to do stand up when you make that much money. Tell the audience themselves to do whatever you wanna do right or material? You don't have to stay in the flop house timeshare that the club puts you in with all the other guys that are appearing that week, right, right? Sure. Stay in some nice plays the breakers..

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