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Future. Faded out a little early. No, they they went through the chorus. Yeah, what do we think it's a nice, farewell. Mandolins kind of a nice touch. Oh, Mandy came and you gave without take. And was he singing about a mandolin? Yeah. Oh. By religion. This is one that grew on me at DRO or not a show or the very last time I listened to the record. It was one I did not like, yeah, and I was very skip -able. And then the last time I listen to the regular like I like this course is good, lay really? Yeah. And that helped me off to sleep spooky and yeah. Lucifer come. Take my soul about. What if they revealed on their vinyl album that they're all of their songs are about Satan or about Satan and well, I think I'm not positive. This is the Michael Stipe sculptures. But he, I think he put a sculpture in Athens of like a deer headed, like satanic looking figure with a bunch of animals like editor. Like that? Yeah. If we're all in New York at the same time while I wouldn't happening, we gotta go to that Michael steak again. Okay. What do you think of that one? All the the lyrical theme of this album seems to have a lot in common with find the river little less death century, but it's all kind of like saying goodbye and giving some last words of advice, which always reminds me of find the river a lot. And this one seems the feel in the atmosphere is a lot. Yeah. And a lot of talk about heroes on the album. John Jovi. Jon Bon Jovi obviously had an influence. He mentioned heroes a few times. I don't know if he's talking about like. Where not that and now we're leaving or I don't know about his own personal here. Yeah, yeah. Maybe speaking of which this is the last song on the Elbe. Sort of duet with one of his personal heroes. And I would imagine friends because we saw them John together at the party after you to this is blue featuring Patti Smith also written by Patti Smith. Here we go. That train. Really Jones inva- riding the rails. Stream. Make. Timely dates. Cracks..

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