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Robbie and good are you you guys will your short out of Kentucky Georgetown Kentucky home of the famous Chris OGM yes that's where he went to college very cool and they had a national championship while he was there yes and all very cool so the Lexington area beautiful area of the country welcome to Nashville on all the way down here to do a debt free scream up yet all right I'm much of you paid off two hundred and sixty thousand dollars in eight years wow all very cool and your range of income during that time well we started our journey at one twenty five and interestingly enough our income went down over the eight years I we have had a couple of children along the way and I thought of calling to stay at homes about two years ago actually went part time and our twice a week so we ended our income last year at ninety nine thousand cool very cool what do you do for a living Robbie I'm a physical therapist at the university of Kentucky who am before you were a full time mom Joe you what were you doing at an insurance underwriter okay very cool your full time with the kids actually I work part time so I went to days a week and then the rest of the time I'm home with the kids gotcha okay we could jump up to show two hundred and sixty thousand eight years I'm looking at this you must pay off your house with direct you guys know very very cool well here's what's interesting our team obviously New York comic th and Zach better at one of our top production guys combed back through the archives of the Dave Ramsey and there's actually a phone call from you.

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