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Just the most influential person of the year We came to the conclusion and I certainly am running The braiding the piece came to the conclusion that he's in some ways a transformative figure He is changing the shape of the commercial space industry His Tesla cars control two thirds of the EV market He's a player in solar He's a player in crypto and battery tech He's a market force as we say in the story He can move stock markets with a flick of his Twitter finger He is in a sense in a very real sense the most influential person of 2021 And that's how we ultimately choose the person we name Can you perhaps let us in on some of your thinking in terms of other people that may have been in the running Well certainly the miracle workers the people who develop the mRNA vaccine are people We did honor And it was a very close choice between that group of four whom we named and Musk And we ultimately chose Musk just because of the scale of his achievements We also named Simone Biles as athlete of the year for being so direct and straightforward about her struggles with the yips and the twisties as she calls them and general mental health of athletes And Olivia Rodrigo of course as entertainer of the year for being such a young and transformative figure in the pop music sector We know feedback is immediate and the time person of the year often generates that Thanks to the social media of course is it more positive or negative I would say it's pretty much a coin flip which is pretty consistent with what Elon set us when we asked him about how his giant starship rocket and his super heavy booster would fare when they first try to get to orbit sometime after the first of the year He said I'd call it 50 50 And I think that's what the response to this choice has been But it's not a popularity contest It's not an award It's simply an acknowledgment of influence I'm magazine editor at large Jeffrey kluger talking about Elon Musk as times 2021 person of the year with Michelle and Sean You are listening to 103.5 FM at WTO P dot com At United way of the national capital area building equity is.

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