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Olmos thank god can you please Mike Marcotte Twin Cities I'm sure he's another one in global of talking quietly alright so now you're yeah the weather well how wonderful thank you I mentioned that the snow there's more to come I'm just a month of weather dot com this is not five Eyewitness News certified but it's weather dot com here's a they say Friday daytime chance of snow seventy percent another one to three inches expected on Friday night uhhuh chance of snow ninety percent oh my gosh just to have a bigger for battery snow accumulating three to five inches Saturday yeah the chance of snow hundred percent what no accumulating when during the day this is yeah they break it like Saturday and then Saturday night game times two thirty game day starts much earlier Saturday chance of snow one Hyundai snow accumulating three to five insuring it on you know bring it out of a lot to get those surrounds tonight you better stop of the Maya snow in the evening will come later overnight lighter overnight rather chance of snow eighty percent so accumulating one to three and a good chance now wait a minute what so for doing all of this there's eight there you're telling me that there's another chance of it that can't be there can't be a chance of us getting eight inches on Friday and eight inches on Saturday we're going to get one to three three to five this is very exciting very exciting and you know three weeks away you guys I mean it's not messing around right now I know three and a half weeks any for let's say a month yeah fine I think it's four weeks from today is Christmas day is that right that's why I think that's the truth wow gosh I've got a lot to do all my twenty eight into a parent when a day twenty eight four weeks from today how's about that member when you're a kid in your like wasn't resisting arrest out this is so fun yeah this is so great now then you're like oh my gosh everyone's asking you for something all the time also something you don't feel as a child when you hear.

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