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Mcdevitt, gut a chance to relive his childhood with his own elephant key, the keys now are made from recycled plastic in the shapes of red and purple lions bears and guerrillas members get green alligators mind from many years ago, the blue elephant and it still works. I unlocked the solar powered audio storybook at the Flamingo zippy ever wonder how we can tell the male from the female. Well, no, filming goes are usually powered on the female and your view males offer have numbered ID bands on their right leg. Curator in Gary recorded message, would I thought was interesting was that you guys are actually keepers those that work with these David day out or actually in the story. But I think it's nice to give people that kind of digital insight when they come to the zoo guests can with their kid in the bucks a little bit more about the animal. Nls that. Maybe they didn't know before. Twenty two bucks is situated throughout including in front of twelve wildlife sees featuring life size animal sculptures, made it out of LEGO bricks among them a lion Ranga, tan and penguins. Lego animals are part of the creatures of habitat exhibit running now through September thirtieth. John mcdevitt. He what of you NewsRadio. A bittersweet moment of closure today in Israel. Israel buried the remains of a soldier missing. Since one thousand nine hundred eighty two after Russian special forces recovered his body in Syria, the American born soldiers Zachary bowel went missing during a tank battle in the Lebanon war. Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Moscow to thank President Vladimir Putin in person. Robert, burgers, CBS news Jerusalem. Nine twenty five. It's money. News on KYW. Here's Bloomberg's Jeff Bellinger. President Trump says a trade deal with China isn't ready yet. But when it is it could be in his words monumental, the president met with China's vice premier and said, he was honored stocks ended mixed. The Dow Jones industrials rose one hundred sixty six points or six tenths percent. The NASDAQ closed four points lower a loss of less than a tenth of a percent. The S and P five hundred gained six points or two tenths percent. Tesla. CEO Elon Musk appeared in federal court in New York to answer for tweets that the securities and Exchange Commission. Charges violated a twenty eighteen settlement the SEC reportedly wants must face bigger fines for any future violations. Boeing shares rose almost three percent analysts say hopes for a US China trade deal helped investors offset concerns raised by a report from the the OPN government that set a seven thirty seven Bax jet crashed even though the two pilots followed procedures recommended by. Owing with money news from Bloomberg on KYW. I'm Jeff Bellinger. A federal judge rules in favor of the turnpike in a lawsuit. Brought against the turnpike by the truckers association for funding scheme that raise tolls..

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