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Pause for ten second station ID. there. what I have wrong here Pat. hi everything. the word you're saying really not a word of it wow yeah I really screwed up this time I think it's over. everything yes I think what we need to do is impeaching from this position and put you to death right which is what is actually being. Paul was yeah well by bill weld weld I am the guy you we just unbelievable bill well by and convinces the reason why we have to have the little sticker on the lawn mower that says do not stick hand under lan. I'll be right Golden mole your roof. okay I won't you sure he's the guy I think we needed he's he is actually now saying that Donald Trump should be executed. for treason to me that's almost enough to send the secret service over to knock on his door at least make sure he's not completely crazy and sending out minions or something because that's just crazy talk it's just crazy why is it crazy first of all we don't even know what we said we're if we had a transcript excuse. could you at least wait let's release here the phone call and what do you think of that and is that treason. is that you did no I don't think it's treason treason notes not treason and I think the worst you can get him for if if he did this is election tampering right because he's trying to he's trying to mess with the election with a fly you could make a case I think you could maybe you make that case I don't think that's what happened even I don't I I did let's just say it did happen okay did happen yes your president trump do you trust the intelligence community no I don't trust the judiciary no do you trust trust Congress no it's. US the justice department nope okay so who do you go to who do you go to and that's been the thing with him right he's got very few people that even trusts orchid or can count on and can I tell you something he's right Israel that way yeah yes you do you go to the media and proven over and over and over again right when people leave his administration there on there is no one that you can go to as president United States and so he goes to the the new president says look I think there's corruption there might press won't investigate it the justice department is corrupt on investigating stuff like this yeah I don't trust our intelligence that we're all maintenance of this is how it happened yes now he says he didn't ask for any dirt on Biden though so I didn't ask for any Deron I don't believe that don't you. put it in a way to where he could there some wiggle room he's not subtle nine no that's does are subtle that is that is true right and I could see him this out this is how I could see it going down Hey Boris my name's not Boris yeah whatever Morris. older more of whatever you're all people are like this so here's the thing we've been worried about corruption in your country for a very long time Obama was concerned about corruption I don't really know who you are now my people say that you're good and you you lean towards the west and that's good we need a strong partner Ellison I got all this money sitting over here and I am concerned about corruption and quite honestly no I don't think he did this because this is too. I don't really smart two small hard he could say quite honestly the corruption that I'm worried about is the corruption that was coming from the United States. we we have held one point eight billion dollars from you because of something with Parise ma and that one point eight billion dollars disappeared in the bank we put it in and that bank was run by an old car he doesn't talk like this but he could have said something of this nature don't buy eat maybe one maybe I doubt AV but this is what he should have said. it was run by an old guard we put that money in there that money just disappeared to that old guard is also the guy who runs the response to our vice president. has his son who has no experience in an ordeal in gas was on the board of directors that money went to that all American old by the way at the same time that all the guard who has been banned from entry in the United States for years. it was it was return a rescinded at the same time he took one point eight billion dollars from the United States his status in the United States was rescinded and he was allowed to come to the United States we want to know why. and I won an investigation because I got this money and I want to know what happened to the last one point eight billion dollars. absolutely easy to do and right to do. I think Donald Trump didn't think of it that way. but I think he knows of the story of Joe Biden and could have just said and I want an investigation on Joe Biden and his business dealings there. meaning the same thing right. that could be it could have happened it is not a big is that of an impeachable offense.

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