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Be two quarterbacks in trade next winter. There's as little wilson whispers last year but You know he. He basically saying i don't want to be traded. But here's my list of teams that if you wanna trade me like any of these teams and announce who knows how this plays up but cited find out but I think we're gonna talk about the cardinals. They're playing the niners this week and the cardinals now are weirdly in the driver's seat this division because the rams defense is not as good as i think we thought it was going to be. Aikman talked about that tonight. I pay. I spent three dollars in them. I think it both of my fantasy leagues. I've had they're gonna be this dominant defense suggests they're not just not the niners. I don't know how this lance garoppolo who knows how this shakes out. They also have. They seem to have a black cloud over them to those guys injured left and right. So maybe it's the cardinals year. Now we're about to get two million dollar for schrager. We went against the cardinals spoiler in a underdog partly the week so they go fascinating division. The nfc west. Who could guess who could against that would be the marquis not only the best division but also like the week to week rollercoaster. Ride the vision at the same time coming up after pearl jam. Peter schrager of excited. I are friends who approach all right. Peter straker joins us every thursday. We talked football. Do million are picks. We'd been on fire. We'd went for eight straight weeks dating back. two weeks. Last year finally had a losing week last week. The patriots conditional pick on the patriots. Saved this more damage. Lost one hundred sixty four thousand dollars. We are now up. Five hundred.

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