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Joke for all you tracy. Lots fan i know. Tracy letts joke when i hear one. Okay i i think you're starting to bug me louis Which i'm about to. Because i feel like i've been hearing out true what i manage when i manage the donut shop i hired jordan as a barista you making employment decisions about crawlers. I have to say. I love my baby. I went on vacation for a weekend and was promptly fired. When i came back on monday jordan. I men the only things that are related between all of us are arianna ground and doughnut shops. Yes i don't know giving. It's giving strange startled sharp. We was giving strange baby. I also jordan did right on a season of big mouth. And i did as well and if my career doesn't look like his eventually i'm done i'm going to okay if i don't get to just hang out with my favorite rappers very soon. What was the point of all this though. I can tell you hanging out with that. Many people of that kind of like stand up caliber really is like nervous making trustfall. Yeah i mean pressure to be funny the pressure to be not mean in addition to the pressure not to infect them. We listened because like you hang out with them once right and then it's like okay. But did i entertain them enough to hang out with me again. Say right right. You have to keep yeah. You're on the treadmill now. Anyway girls check the gas less right. So i've got all these parties with all these people together. I'm just worried okay. This like all those girls were kennel. Jenner's birthday party. You sweetie josiah cat come on nervous. Save our girls please. Now money stayed home anyway. Speaking caroline polacek her latest. Single bunny is a writer produced by danny l. Haro chef's kiss it's everywhere. I enjoy hearing it whenever i do. Yeah so i think that's our show job. Everyone rebecca carol being here shutout to cancers your season's over. I didn't have fun okay. And the jacket that iras wearing we'll be keeping mart shop so make sure that you go by the sue. How am i ever are keeping now. Since her the audio somewhere casting spells on you keep. It is a crooked media. Production our senior producer is kendra james. Our producer is carolina reston and our associate producer. Is brian semel. Our executive producer is me madison. The third our is bill lance and kyle seguin or sound engineer. Thank you to our digital team. Matt degroot normal conan and milo kim for production.

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