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One day while Margaret suk-lee was dog sitting sitting for the president. She took ballet for a long walk while he explored a patch of grass. A group of soldiers passed by upon seeing the Scotty. Not One of them lit up in a huge Grin Falla Falla. He called out before going on his way. Margaret couldn't help but smile. The soldier didn't know he was calling out to the actual Falah. The president was in another country and there was no security detail for Margaret Fowler had just becomes so popular that that soldier every Scotty was just like lassie. became shorthand for any rough collie eight and Rin Tin. Tin was called out to any passing. German shepherd. Fowler was now the nickname of any Scottish terrier the demand on Fowler was huge even Hollywood noticed. MGM created a short film about the Scotty called follow the president's dog they showed Fowler doing all of his best tricks and even had a quick little story of the pup looking for a canine companion. The movie was a hit America. America could not get enough of Fallah but as nineteen forty one came to a close president. Didn't Roosevelt could no longer shift the public focused to his dog on December seventh nineteen forty one the Japanese bombed and Paul Harbor with America officially at War President Roosevelt had a lot or traveling to do international leaders is he had to see smoky. Backroom deals to make and intercontinental strategies to develop but anyone who thought the president might change his governing style. Once he was at all was sorely mistaken Fallah was still present in cabinet meetings. Still running around the White House behind the president's wheelchair and whenever possible. The dog was right by the president's side on international trips fallow fallow accompanied. FDR Two meetings for the president of Mexico and had his photo taken with Winston Churchill and as usual fallow was always weights. Hamming it up looking to insert himself into a state photo or jump into a dignitaries lap throughout nineteen forty two and nineteen forty-three world. War Two took its toll on the nation and the world as is the United States fourteen Europe and the Pacific Roosevelt was constantly pulled in a dozen directions and Falla loyally followed followed in the fall of nineteen forty three British Prime Minister Winston Churchill Soviet Union Marshall Joseph Stalin and US president. Franklin Roosevelt met at the Tehran conference. This was no myth photo op. The three allied leaders were here to approve the invasion vision of Normandy. What we now know as d day fallow was there for the whole conference? There were of course times when Falah couldn't accompany the president during his travels on those rare occasions. President Roosevelt entrusted fallow with the one person he knew loved and cared for the dog as much as he did. His cousin Margaret Sickly. But even for someone he knew and trusted trusted as much as Margaret. FDR Left explicit instructions. Under no circumstances. Could she leave. The dog locked up in a pen. She had to take fallow Allah with her wherever she went even to her job as an archivist at Roosevelt Library through through the next year. The ravages of war took their toll on FDR by the spring of nineteen forty four. The president was noticeably weaker weeker. He was constantly tired and the never ending travel and heavy workload were wearing him down. His health troubles began with a bounce. Ounce of the flu which then spread to a case of bronchitis which never fully seemed to go away. Even worse he soon learned he was suffering from from heart disease and arteriosclerosis. Something had to be done. Dr Howard. Bruin who handled the day to day business of the president's residents health setup daily checkups but he noticed that FDR never had questions regarding his heart in fact he really had any questions at all instead. He liked to talk about fallow with. FDR moved focused on Fowler than his health. The president's doctors and the first lady began to whittle down his schedule. Eleanor took to handling the presidency social aspects. She would wined and dined nine. Those that didn't require the attention of the man trying to save the world but hiding his illness was becoming coming increasingly difficult on the world stage. He was bedridden for large parts of the day and even though he established a new routine he wasn't happy with it. FDR was notorious for keeping his thoughts and plans close to the vest and that included his own wellbeing but the deception option still weighed heavily on him more than ever FDR needed the feeling of normalcy in dealing with the physical ravages of illness and the psychological ones have leading country at war. The president needed a confidant. Someone who could find comfort and trust in but FDR didn't have many personal connections. What he had though was Falla in the face of his weakened state eight and international uncertainty fallow was always a constant companion and the president would need the pop now more than ever uh as hectic has his life was it was about to get even harder for FDR the fight for his fourth term in office? It was about to begin coming up sparks a national controversy and changes the course course of a historic presidential election now back to the story. During the summer of of nineteen forty four President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was fighting for his life but with the fates of the free world steak his illness. This was a closely guarded secret. As the president helped plan the Allied invasion of Normandy. His Dog Fallah remained by his side. He was the only companion. FDR could fully trust on Tuesday. June six nine thousand nine hundred forty four. The allied forces invaded the beaches of Normandy. The tide of World War to turned in the allies favor. The success of the invasion had president Roosevelt in good spirits but his health remained poor for someone in his condition. Doing one job would be difficult enough. But with his next presidential campaign ramping up he had had to the problems for the president weren't just overseas. Nineteen forty four was also an election year but FDR fifty on soldiered on. He was the commander in chief he had to. And even though the fighting was starting to calm down in Europe he had yet another other front to worry about the Pacific. It was late. July nineteen eighteen forty four the sailors aboard the USS Baltimore weren't sure why they were called into port in San Francisco all why they were having to do renovations against the destroyer in such quick order but when they were instructed to build a wooden ramp for boarding they suspected that they might have have a very special guest joining them soon. Their suspicions were confirmed when the world's most famous Scotty trotted up the ramp moments later. President Roosevelt himself arrived. The crew was thrilled to have the president and the pop on board as the Baltimore Approached Hawaii. President Roosevelt noticed that his cabin had been quiet. In fact he couldn't recall EXAC- the last time he saw Falah the pup had free run of the ship but he usually didn't stay away from his master so long along at once. FDR put out to search for follow with all hands on deck. It didn't take long to locate his beloved Scotty near the gear lockers. However he was noticeably different Fallah was missing some Heh Eh? Actually follow was missing a lot of hair. His thick black coat was sean thin and patchy after a bit of digging President Roosevelt discovered that a sailor had a little brother back home. Who is a huge Fan Fallah's so after spotting Falla in the Galley? The sailor lured the pup close team with a treat and harmlessly snipped off a lock of hair to mail back to his little brother. It turned out there were a lot of little brothers back home. who were big fans of Falla falla happily obliged each and every one of them as long as they gave him treats? The president couldn't help help but laugh. He knew the joy that followed brought to everyone but he did issue an order via the captain no feeding or trimming naming fowler. After a few days in Hawaii. The Baltimore set sail again. This time for for the Aleutian islands off the coast of Alaska the Aleutians had been the site of the only land battle on. US soil during World War Two when the American army army regained control of the islands from Japan in May nineteen forty three one year later the president was visiting to check in on the troops. After the brief stopover up over the Baltimore made its way to Seattle but that quick detour in the Aleutians led to one of the biggest controversies of FDR's career career.

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