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Almost say jonathan taylor goes for two hundred hundred. He only got one hundred last year and it's going to do better this year. He's worked tarred this off season. He's also he's not facing the front seventy face last year. They're going to hand to them. Eight thousand times also yeah two hundred probably average four yards a carry but yeah for sure all right so that's our kind of our our dive into week three kind of our college football preview like i said we're only going to dive into the first four weeks ish because after or that it's it's a moot point. We'll dive into those once. Those teams are developing and we can see him once we can see him on t._v. The last thing i want to do before we close does this out as a new segment. I wanna run. It's called over under and it's this is going to be not just like over under gambling segment but this is over under in general just gimme your predictions over under and again these are tracked so over under i one buckeyes we'll j._k. Dobbins go over fifteen hundred yards rushing and he had fourteen hundred as a freshman when mike weber was kind of her kinda didn't play that much and hasn't hasn't come close to that since but will he now with the departure of mike weber. Will he eclipse fifteen hundred yards rushing this season. I'm gonna say over. I'm going over as well. I think with with the added run game with the quarterback. I think he'll get more opportunities to breakage longer runs. I'm gonna go under under. I'm saying he's back to freshman form. I think uh-huh jacob dobbins is a really good player. He's a really good back. I don't think he is in ezekiel elliott type of back so i'm i'm putting him at about fourteen hundred. I think it'll be close but i think he's going under the next one. The nebraska cornhuskers i'm going over under ten wins this year. Oh boy he's gonna have to look at their schedule on on over under ten wins. I mean they obviously didn't have the year last year that you would have. I'll say under your taking the scott frost affect here. You're gonna say under what they would like to last year. They started owen six. I'll go. I'll go over over so it's tough because i think they're going to win ten nine and a half so we can win some yeah you're right. I should have said it at nine and a half so we said at ten so you're you're going to get. We're going under and over yeah. I'll take the under all day. I'm saying on the full season though ballgame ballooning ballgames okay. I'm going over then. I'm just looking at their schedule..

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