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He he yelled at the guy drop it drop it drop it the the the kid took the weapon and put it in a ready position instead of just dropping it the kid took the weapon off his shoulder because he spent three hundred bucks on it and he was going to set it down gently and the cop took the shots and killed the guy and the parents were all outraged and the whole thing and how come he shot so fast and what do they think it was it was just a toy gun sorry but you if you show someone who did eight tours naff ghanistan an air soft ak forty seven from from twenty feet away and you tell them your life is on the line is that real or not well you always bet in favor of your life and if it looks like it wants to be wants me so this woman's really lucky san diego police missed the missed that the only reason that she is not she didn't take a trip feed i to the old mortgage you she she clearly tried to commit police suicide here and i'd like to see the weapon i i dunno san diego police are going to show that or not but so anyway that's and then also how does i get held up for ten ten minutes this is resolved in ten minutes that's all they chased her up the parking garage to the top floor and didn't the movie and like that would not heat but i thought it was a movie that ended on top of parking garage and it all happened once two three she puts the weapon out they fire they missed she throws it down and at some point officers shoots himself in the foot so he needs to maybe retrain there.

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