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That you know you know the thing about it was ready sounds like the home after game and I'm really angry recorder yeah I want to order a camper organizations like yes or maybe graduate like I Kerr wrestling junkie on his on his won the gold glove and things like that so I will get controversy on unless something really bad happened so brown there yeah yes yes hi this is my motto when it comes to Twitter right if I got if I have to think about it twice that means I probably should do we that's good advice and I'll I'll remember that will before I get that yeah if I got to think about it I'll just delete it or maybe clear with your wife do Larry aid in in thank you because this is that I I saw a comment that you made about the the company house is that a lot of these kids are victims of circumstance you know like I I was born with two strong parents that that took great care of me and not what it's not their fault that maybe they weren't so the right house the such a great job of of taking care of these kids in trying to get it get back on their feet you know what guys like this very successful John your research that we've all had he lives up to this point and in some centers you know you get carried away and you don't get to see what's going on around you in what is the what Charlie asked me to do this and I open my eyes a little bit I think it's important that that we help this organization out and hopefully that that we can continue to do this and I'm looking for this I I'll be a little cold but I'm looking forward to it I will drink some hot chocolate but that's not all that Larry's doing like he's also going to be doing a Joe Cocker hosts a night of Lhasa music for a great cause it parks casino in sports book it's Joe Clarke and salute the Philly sports made of a year Larry Bowa at Charlie manual Scott for its you'll be on hand to talk about Charlie manual and then we're gonna have flow with that so talking to him Acadia because that I try to imitate him when we bring training in the morning we'll work it out or walk around and he looks at me you know usually that looked at eighty service both so what are some stories to tell especially after this so your fleet out everything but the I'm looking for it's Wednesday November twentieth you going back to back nights with the back to back is going wow look at you it's at the a site center parcs casino friend up he's going to be honored you tickets parks you see no dot com slash entertainment you must be twenty one gambling problem call one eight hundred gambler I I just want to get get yeah I don't want one more Phillies question Larry Hey Scott can read I mean it when he when he was coming up the first year I think a lot of people expected him to be great right off the bat any had struggles like a lot of young players do he's a great last year I think he's gonna even be better in two thousand and twenty where would you play him I know without a doubt there's no doubt I mean this is a great athlete you can play anywhere you want but if he with you we put him at second base he will be an all star there he's an unbelievable second baseman and I think mentally when I was just gonna play their fifty five hundred sixty games you're gonna see a big up swinging his batting average everything when you know you can play one position the bad thing about what's got it right now so good at all the other position if we're not able to fill those other positions we know we can play second went over to place your a third being held against her will because he's an unbelievable second baseman yeah and I expect big things from hopefully we can put it out there and leave them there because I really think that this is going to have a very good career yeah you're right the versatility almost works against them because yeah like I said he can play shortstop third center field you can play it all but I'm totally with you he's my second baseman going for it hi Larry we know it's football season I can are going to give our best bets of the weekend we want but always best bet for the for alright I got a lot so and I've been studying this again the rams over the Steelers jailer Ramsey since he went over there to solidify the defense the running back for the Steelers is iffy I just think they're cut ramp coming off a bye week I'm all in on the ramp this week in Pittsburgh I like it Larry thank you and and thanks again for all you're doing with the the with the sleep outside the help the homeless and now we always love talking you man Hey guys I really appreciate it and I have a good rest of the week and I'll be talking with short the girl right Larry Bowa likes the reins I got a lock my picks to make sure we get that is great I'll be out of the three yeah because he's like wings so Cindy and we thanks any web surfer forget it yeah you know for booking Larry but I the I said there I said just I know there is a big football fan I know he pays attention that point spread the stuff like that like weeds football Friday we need a we need a ball of best bet yeah I knew he was going to enjoy it yes Sir all right everybody's in the gambling well that's all we do around here are our best bet you're coming up next on marks in recent you're both three one last week we're going to continue the hot streak shut up Jack a alarm fire I thank you three one we got they get Marcin respects line and our best bets are locks are coming up next on the marks and re show right after this don't go anywhere I agree Sir propeller windows and doors are birds are back on the field and the weather is changing that the tail gate in south Philly who wants to go home to address the.

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