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Is always extremely so important to Southeast tested in house Mitchell 21, where I represent and whether you agree or disagree on the use of fossil fuels or not, that is safer than a pipeline in transporting that product, he says. In addition to creating jobs for Texas, the pipeline would get the product off the roads and trains Kim Land kins. Hello. You have news it is 7 10. Let's get a business update now from network Radio Spencer McGowan. Morning, Spencer. Good morning, Abie. The short squeeze of the decade accelerates Grapevine based game Stop up 42% again Today it was up well, 50% on Friday. It's a $92 a share a 20 fold gain from the lows. That's what a short squeeze conduce the Dow down 162 points and poised to open just over 30,700, West Texas Intermediate crude starts the day at $52.18 a barrel. I'm Spencer McGowan president, Macallan group network radio dot com Well their arm or Republicans in Congress, who are apparently opposed. Theo. The possibility of convicting Donald Trump of the one article against him for the impeachment trial will tell you that story coming up here in a few minutes in Seattle and Portland. They're still rioting doesn't seem to matter what's going on in the country. That's just what they do. Although they have a new police chief in Seattle, and he's trying to clamp down, although not getting a lot of support from the mayor there, and president former President Trump apparently is not Going to be forming a new political party. All this coming up in Cliff notes straight ahead. 7 11 right now, Gail, I have all the stories that matter to your story. The Biden administration continue Get the vaccine out. Banning free speech heard every day. Find out the real story on real news and information. 5 70. L I f k l i.

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