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Sound being held as copyright infringement for John cage's, four minutes. Thirty seconds a song, which is a recording of a man sitting at a piano playing nothing for four minutes. Thirty three seconds. It has happened. Right. That is a thing if YouTube wanted to have someone watch just watch every single thing that got uploaded as it was uploaded. They would need three hundred thousand people working eight hour shifts constantly with no no breaks for holidays. New brakes for Bank holidays new brakes for weekends. Just three eight hour shifts of a hundred thousand people each working until they say needs to be automated. But it's too expensive to automate this. This is the general Fay. Yeah. So the MEP's voted on the laws would changed that should be the whole story. But it's not quite less than twenty four hours after Alex published his first article about it. This seemingly unremarkable story about politicians voting on copyright law provided us with an unexpected twist the vote post mortem close, but really

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