News in Brief 27 February 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations. The first assessment of a major you and eight storage facility in war-torn Yemen has taken place since it was cut off by fighting last September, according to the World Food Program or WFP a team that reached the Red Sea mills near the key port of data on Tuesday. W F is appealing for sustained access to the site which contains enough week to feed three point seven million people for a month his spokesperson over who SEL Tuesday. Visit was a great first step renewed. No sustain access every day as much as possible for WFP's stuff. But also later for the mills stuff to access the facilities, and that will be necessary before we can start again milling delete some of the grain have been sent for testing to check whether it is still edible. If so the fifty one thousand tons of wheat can be processed at the facility where equipment is largely untouched and the generators appear to be. In good condition. WFP says the positive development is dependent on continued access being granted by the warring. Parties who signed a UN led partial ceasefire agreement in December and follows a UN led appeal for more than four billion dollars from international donors this year to save millions in Yemen. From starvation at the pledging conference in Geneva on Tuesday, UN secretary General Antonio Gutierrez won't of an overwhelming humanitarian calamity as a result of almost four years of fighting between supporters of Yemeni President abd Robbie Maso. Howdy and Hootie opposition groups. Millions of people have escaped statelessness in west Africa in recent years after states committed to ensuring that everyone has access to a nationality by twenty twenty four the UN refugee agency said on Wednesday, according to UNHCR thirty seven thousand two hundred and fifty persons who are at risk of statelessness received birth certificates in Burkina Faso last year in Guinea-Bissau, meanwhile, seven thousand four refugees, many of whom fled their countries of origin without identification papers are being granted citizenship and initia- several million people also benefited from late birth registration and had their marriages registered as a result of special procedures for your charge. The UN agency said highlighting a pledge to end statelessness for years ago by echo S, the economic community of west African states in a statement UNHCR said that civil and birth registration. We're key to providing protection and ensuring that citizens can access education, healthcare, and work writes that most of us take for granted. And finally a life saving. Airlift operation is underway in the Central African Republic. C A R to deliver food supplies to eighteen thousand people in remote and insecure location one thousand kilometers, east of the capital Bangui, the arrival of thirty six tonnes of assistance by air comes amid increased violence in Zambia. According to the World Food Programme WFP. It says that thousands of people have been unable to go to markets or their farms because of the, insecurity and that food reserves. There are exhausted SIA has faced fighting between the mostly Christian anti lacquer and the mainly opposition Muslim Celica militia since twenty twelve a peace agreement was reached in January twenty thirteen but rebels seized the capitals that March forcing then president Francois disease to flee in January this year, government and armed groups. Agreed to hold peace talks up to two point one billion people in Sierra authored insecure WFP says while severe acute malnutrition exceeds. The two percent emergency threshold in ten prefecture's out of sixteen. Daniel Johnson UN news.

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