News in Brief 01 April 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations. Proposed changes to Brunei's penal code to incorporate punishments under a strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law, including death-by-stoning should be halted the UN's top human rights official. Michelle Basch Alette said on Monday in an appeal to Brunei's government to start what she described as draconian revisions due to come into force on Wednesday, High Commissioner brush, let's maintained they would enshrine in legislation cruel and inhuman punishments that seriously, breach international human rights law. According to a statement from his bash Letitia by her office OH HR, the death penalty would in theory be applicable for fences such as rape adultery. Sodomy extramarital sexual relations for Muslim citizens robbery and insult or defamation. The prophet Muhammad public flogging as a punishment for abortion with also apply as well as amputation for theft. Other changes include making it a criminal offence to expose Muslim children to the beliefs and practices of any religion other than Islam Misbash. Let said before describing them as potential. Really mocking a serious setback for human rights protections in the southeast Asian state. The United Nations is highlighting the important role population trends play in promoting sustainable development during the fifty second commission on population and development which began in New York on Monday, this year's commissions also an opportunity to take stock and review progress made since the landmark international conference on population and development or ICPD which took place twenty five years ago in Cairo deputy secretary general Amina Mohammed said that since then fewer people living in extreme poverty, the risk of maternal deaths declined by more than forty percent and primary education is expanded the horizons of millions across the world, but she added there are gaps in implementation and many challenges remain. She also warned that efforts by nations to meet some of the ambitious sustainable development goals or SDG's by the twenty thirty deadline and not keeping pace with population growth and in Mali the UN mission. There manuka has reported that intercommunal violence continued through the week. Tend in the Mopti region of the north west African nation with multiple attacks. This follows on from tax on the twenty third of March against Fulani herders allegedly carried out by members of the Doug on ethnic group in which more than one hundred fifty died at least seventy were injured. More details from UN spokesperson, Stefan Zureik, the mission said that unidentified armed assailants targeted villages. Fifty kilometers south west of Banja, gar town on Saturday, leaving at least one person dead another wounded scores of houses and granaries were burnt cattle was rated and on Sunday and attack on CASA village. Located nearby bungee Agora resulted in three people killed in one wounded minutia has deployed a rapid reaction force of peacekeepers to support Mauleon armed forces and help restore security in the region for the protection of civilians, including 'Support to deter further attacks the head of the mission. Muhammed self an called on all parties to remain calm and refrain from further violence, he reiterated the UN's committee. Wants to spend no effort to ensure that the perpetrators about to Justice might wells U N news.

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