MLB live stream 2019: how to watch today's baseball from anywhere


Is baseball actually doing something. Good for young people. Was it the three hour and forty seven minute cubs game yesterday. We'll get to that Chris black dollar here on ESPN one thousand and the ESPN app. Did you notice on Twitter at MLB? So the official Twitter handle for major league baseball. They've been tweeting each and every day. We have more live at bats in today's options are from the mentions who do you want to see? And then they list four players that you can vote on. And what it is is throughout the day whoever wins and yesterday, the winner was havi buyers course, so each and every time he came up to bat MLB streamed live on Twitter havi buyers and his at bats right there in the time line right there for the consumer right there for the young person to observe and to witness and watch someone who's very exciting in the game of baseball the day before it was Mike trout the day before that opening day. It was Bryce Harper. So each and every day this season. And if you go to Twitter handle you can vote on who the in game at bats will be streamed throughout the day. And I saw this like this is fantastic. This is exactly the type of thing. Baseball needs to do to garner. The attention from young people. Because it's not this conversation of we have to change the game. Baseball's a fine game. It's the overall concept that baseball doesn't know how to grasp the attention of the young person, and this is a start because over the years the reason the NFL and the NBA has succeeded with young people is because of the ability to give the product to the consumer and the easiest way possible. The NBA will not remove any highlight that Adam that Felix that any person listening puts out on their own social media platform to share with their friends to let them know. I'm watching this Brooklyn nets game and diangelo Russel is going off. Here's a highlight tweet. But if you used to do that with baseball baseball would come in and remove your video because it's against their policy for video sharing which is a problem because then young people are not seeing in their feeds and their timelines, the exciting things are taking place throughout the night throughout the day in major league baseball, you could basically watch every Zayn. Williamson highlight seconds after it happened in your timeline seconds. Hundreds of thousands of people sharing retweeting posting videos of Zion. Williamson doing something great. And now, everyone has a social awareness of it. This is great for major league baseball that. Now, they are going to share and put out there right there. I I don't have to sign up for a package. I don't have to have a special cable provider. I don't have to have a major league baseball season pass. I don't have to have any of this. They're just going to give me the best players in baseball each and every day a look in throughout the game. So I don't have to do anything extra. Plus, I don't have to sit through the four hour baseball game. And wait for the Mike trout the Bryce Harper. Hobby by is to do something amazing. I can see it right there in the feed which I thought was pretty cool because back to last night's cubs game. The first ten Rangers the face their former teammate didn't put the ball in play as six walked enforced. Struck out. According to the allies sports bureau. That's the most hitters not to put a ball in play to start a game in franchise history last night's game. Both the cubs and the White Sox. I watch a lot of the White Sox game very slow very boring. And that's what the game has come to because of the three outcomes strikeout walk or homerun. And that's what baseball is. And that's why when you have the conversation of what a lot of people were talking about baseball season started Jeff passan wrote about it. Others kurtenbach in the Mercury News wrote about it that you get a hit once every nine minutes in baseball, and that is slowly killing the sport. Because no action is actually taking place on the field. I get it. Their strategy be between the pitcher and and the battery and watching all those foul offs, and the pictures and all that stuff that's part of the game. But there's no action on the actual field. And I think it's good that baseball came out and props to them that they're trying to target young people by giving them the product right there in your feet. Live streaming hobby buyers every about yesterday. Yeah. I mean, you're not going to change the game itself. So you try to change what you can as far as interaction goes. Right. People come flying in with. We gotta move the mound. We need to do this. Now, we need to play seven innings. Now, we need we need to have all these different rules. That's not what young people are saying young people are not saying changed the game of baseball. Just it was a better sport to watch when it was played differently. That's the problem is that these strategy from all of these organizations has changed so dramatically that you get three outcomes. And the three outcomes are not that exciting because two of them are guys just standing around doing nothing. Well, I mean, look you can't teams for trying to win games. Because the way that's the way you wouldn't go. But, but that's why it's it's something that is happening moving forward that no one can really stop. Because what are you gonna go to all the teams and say you can't do that anymore? When a guy is fouling off pitches. Just trying to walk. No you have to put the ball in play. That's not gonna work, and what are the answers that. I've always said is. Well, the reason you know, basketball is more popular in these. These stars are more marketable in the NFL is because. You see action from these guys all the time. Russell Westbrook is on the court all of the time. He's for the majority of the game. Lebron James is on the court for a majority of the game. If I wanna watch Bryce Harper havi buyers or whoever it is they're up four times in three hours in what yesterday was along with the cubs game, three hours and forty seven minutes for four at bats. Okay. But there's no way you're not going to change that you're not going to say, you're only batting four guys. And that's going to be you know, that's gonna be your your batting order guys over and over again. So you're not going to do that. But finding ways to put that like the MLB did putting that on social media for free is a way around that the way you can put that out there. So more people can see your stars nationally and not just regionally because that's the other problem with baseball is it's such a regional sport. Is we everybody I just named two guys that I named a bull that I want to see on the court all the time. I made Russell Westbrook and LeBron James. Yeah. Now, but you can watch. Lebron all you want. I know like those games are on national TV all the time. And you know, the regionalized thing like, that's where you get the guy on the other side of the conversation who wants to do the smarty pants deal and tell you that the TV ratings are fantastic. Locally locally. Yeah. Of course. Yeah. We understand that. So here, here's the comeback toback guy. Right. Okay. Tv ratings are great locally. Yeah. How about the White Sox? Await. Well, they've I mean, the Qods ratings are fantastic. No. But we have two teams in the city and one gets completely ignored is anyone watching the White Sox. That guy. Oh, okay. That one guy on the street. But the point is you got two teams here and one of them struggles big time with TV ratings the other crushes it. Okay. So take that into consideration. When you give the regionalized TV ratings are up deal. Yeah. We get it. Boston Red Sox fans. Love the Red Sox. We get the Yankee fans loved the Yankees all those hot Marlins fans who are just waiting away. No, no one's watching the Marlins. See like, that's the thing with baseball. Is you can always come back with like, okay? We'll look at the World Series ratings. Those dropped every NFL game basically beats World Series games now in the ratings. If you want to do the ratings conversation. Yeah. So like, and that's where I it's this whole conversation now. Well, putting the live at bats in the stream on your Twitter feed help I don't know. Maybe he knows I think it's smart. I think it's spun it can't hurt it has nothing to do with actually changing the game. It's just promoting the stars and promoting the brand which I. Is a smart thing for baseball. The do. I think it's a really smart thing for baseball because you have to do all these little things the kind kind of stop what's taking place from taking place, right? Like because changing the game. I think is is not realistic. And the way I look at it. Right. We're not gonna talk politics here. But I think a good analogy would be the way people look at global warming. There's information out there. There's facts that are out there. We understand what's taking place to the globe right now to the world. And what our future is likely to be right? Yeah. We understand what's happening, right. It's the same with baseball. It's like death by a thousand cuts, right? Like, we see what's happening the writings on the wall. But what can we really do? Are we gonna stop driving our cars the rally like the like people talk about global warming? But we all drive everywhere. Anyway. So what are we really doing? Yeah. It's like we can't really change the game of baseball because it's baseball. But what are we doing to really the earth many years old? The average baseball fan is fifty seven years old, and it's only getting older and older ten years ago. The average baseball fan was forty seven years old get it like the getting it's not getting any.

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